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This 32-inch HDTV is a steal at only $100 for Prime Day

Busy checking out all the best Prime Day deals? If you’re in the market for a new TV, you can’t afford to miss out on this amazing Walmart deal on a 32-inch Sceptre HDTV, saving you $80 on the usual price. This deal is selling fast, so to avoid missing out you should grab it now before it sells out completely.

The Sceptre 32-inch Smart TV features a 32-inch LED screen with 720p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie or your favorite show, or catching the game, expect a smooth clear picture with no motion blur thanks to MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) which is specially designed for fast-paced games and movies. There’s also HDR (High Dynamic Range) which ensures everything on your screen looks great, from brilliant brights to deep darks. This smart TV is easy to use too, even if you’re not used to the latest technology, thanks to the latest version of Google Assistant. Just say “Ok, Google” or click the microphone button on the remote and Google Assistant will help you find your way around the TV’s menus and features. If you struggle with reading on-screen content, Talk Back gives you audio instructions to help you explore everything your new TV can do.

The Sceptre 32-inch HDTV has a Bluetooth remote control that’s packed with handy features, and all the ports you need to connect your PS5 or Xbox Series X, USB flash drive, and more, with three HDMI ports, an auxiliary input jack, and a headphone jack. Chromecast is built in too, so you can stream content from your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily.

Usually $180, you can bag a bargain right now and pick up the 32-inch Sceptre 4K TV for just $100 right now at Walmart. Stock is selling fast, so snap up this deal before it is limited or sells out!

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