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Amazon is giving out awesome discounts on these Shark handheld vacuum cleaners

When you purchase a less pricey version of a vacuum cleaner from a well-known brand that has a wide variety of selections, that doesn’t imply you’re receiving a low-quality variant of the latest model. What usually happens is that when vacuum makers launch new models, they continue to produce and market the earlier versions, lowering their price in the process. This means you are still getting a former flagship model at a highly reduced price.

We’ve visited Amazon and gathered the best deals for Shark handheld vacuum cleaners and put them all here. These dust-suckers will help you pull those dirt and pet hairs from the bed, sofa, and up to your car seat in no time. What’s even more amazing is they are discounted by up to $50, so check them out below to know more.

Shark Rocket HV292 ultra-light hand vacuum — $100 (33% off)

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For quick pickups and cleaning above floor levels, the Shark Rocket HV292 ultra-light hand vacuum is an absolute choice. It is a powerful handheld device that maintains its suction power consistently. This vacuum has a 15-foot-long power cord, so you’ll never have to recharge.

This handheld vacuum boasts its TruePet motorized brush accessory that picks up loose debris and pet hair, while forcibly deep-cleans exteriors. This is great for furniture, stairs, and car interiors. It also includes a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a stretch hose among its set of accessories.

You will also save plenty of money from not having to buy filters because the vacuum’s filter is washable and can be reused, with no maintenance costs. While it usually sells at $150, Amazon cuts it by $50 giving you an awesome price of only $100.

Shark WV201 Wandvac handheld vacuum — $110 (21% off)

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With its revolutionary and award-winning design, the Shark WANDVAC handheld vacuum will not just suck-in everyday mess but will also give a modern feel to your cleaning experience. It has a high-speed, brushless motor that provides an incredible suction power to capture dust and large debris. Its ergonomic handle design gives increased control and comfort, while the single-touch button debris emptying function will keep your hands clean and away from trash.

Take advantage of this amazing $30 discount from Amazon and get the Shark Wandvac for only $110 instead of $140. Order yours today.

Shark SV780 Pet-Perfect II hand vacuum — $60 (25% off)

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If you’re looking for a powerful cordless vacuum, the Shark Pet-Perfect II is for you. It has 18 volts worth of suction power that deep cleans surfaces using its extra-large motorized brush, for simple cleanups of ground-in dirt and pet hair. It also has a detachable and washable filter you can use frequently. Its deluxe charging stand can either sit on a tabletop or wall-mount and can hold all its accessories.

You can snag this vacuum now at Amazon for only $60, and save $20 from its original price of $80.

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