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This 36,800mAh portable charger is a must-buy this Cyber Monday

Pxwaxpy 36800mAh High Capacity Portable Charger feat image.

Losing battery power on your phone is not only inconvenient when you’re in the middle of your favorite game — it can be hazardous when you need to contact family or miss an important business call. The Pxwaxpy 36800mAh High Capacity Portable Charger joins other solid Cyber Monday deals with a 19% price cut, so you can ensure that will never happen — at the best price. The charger is $37 regularly and is now $7 off and selling for $30. This external battery pack features universal compatibility with your favorite handheld electronics at your desk, on the go, or in the great outdoors.

The latest version of this portable charger consists of an ultra-high-capacity 36800mAh battery pack that provides at least a half-dozen separate charges for your iPhone or Android handset. It features 2.1A USB output and 2.1 A USB-C input plus 2.1A Micro USB input for newer smartphones. It is universally compatible with most handsets including, but not limited to, the iPhone 13 range down to the iPhone X and most modern Samsung Galaxy models. The charger is also compatible with tablets, a variety of additional smartphone brands, and accessories like Bluetooth earbuds, fitness trackers, and smartwatches, and rivals many of our current favorite chargers.

The charger is easy to use with four smart indicators that show your device’s current power status as 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% so you can monitor the progress. It’s powerful but intelligent: The built-in controller prevents overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits. The company offers a three-year warranty and throws a Micro USB (but not a USB-C) cable in the box.

If you want to keep your phone running all day without worrying about how many games you play or how much music you listen to — and still keep home and work on the line — snag one of these versatile, high-capacity chargers while they’re still on sale.

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