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Get the UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker for its lowest price with our exclusive code

UE Megaboom in rain

Digital Trends has teamed up with Daily Steals to slash $180 off the Ultimate Ears Megaboom (henceforth known as UE Megaboom), dropping the price down to just $70 when you use our exclusive promo code: DTMEGA. We aren’t kidding — we’ve worked our magic to offer a $250 Bluetooth speaker to our readers for less than a quarter of the usual cost.

Here’s what’s even neater: The UE Megaboom at hand is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market right now, as indicated by our roundup of the finest out there, offering gorgeous looks, a slew of useful features, and fantastic audio — all wrapped up in a shockproof, waterproof, and durable, Amazon Echo-like shell that’s bound to stand the test of time.

Before we dive deeper, we should note that you will need to quote our exclusive promo code: DTMEGA at checkout to take advantage of the reduction. Failure to do so will result in you snapping up the UE Megaboom for Daily Steals’ standard sale price of $90 (again, down from $250), which is still nothing to scoff at. But it’s not quite $70, is it?

Anyway, back to the Megaboom. It’s a bit like a Swiss Army knife, packing an awful lot into a relatively small package, including vibrant highs and authoritative bass that gives many non-portable Bluetooth speaker options a run for their money when it comes to fidelity, an all-too-useful 20-hour battery life, and a dust- and water-resistant design.

We know, we know 00 this is beginning to sound like one of those deals that sound too good to be true. There must be a catch, right? Well, there kind of is. But not really. You see, Daily Steals obtains its stock straight from UE. But it’s all overstock, so it’s brand new and comes complete with a one-year warranty; it just isn’t boxed in retail packaging.

Don’t like the sound of the UE Megaboom? Enter UE Wonderboom

If the Megaboom Bluetooth speaker is a little too rich for your wallet, even at $70, we’ve worked with Daily Steals to offer up an alternative. Just like we did last month, we’ve pulled all the strings we possibly can to drop the cost of the smaller UE Wonderboom from $100 down to just $44. That’s a total savings of $56, or an extra $6 off Steals’ $50 sale price.

To snap up the UE Wonderboom — which looks, sounds and feels similar to the Megaboom — for the reduced price, you’ll need to enter coupon code DTBOOM at checkout. Keep in mind, though, that it packs less punch in the audio department and has a smaller battery. But unlike the Megaboom, it floats in water, so silver linings.

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