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Walmart has all the Squid Game costumes and collectibles you need

Imagine this. Large ornate doors open before you, as you shudder in anticipation. There, just a few feet away in the center of a large, open room, is a table filled to the brim with Squid Game costumes, accessories, collectibles, and memorabilia. You have seconds to choose what you want and get out, becoming one of the latest survivors of the wild and crazy game! Okay, maybe it wouldn’t go like that, but if you love Squid Game as much as the rest of us who binge-watched it, you’re in for a real treat! Whether you need some last-minute costume ideas — or some gear for next year’s festivities — or you just want some cool collectibles, Walmart has what you need.

If you haven’t seen Squid Game yet, or you’re wondering what it is, it’s one of the most brilliantly subversive series, available to watch now on Netflix. You should check it out! Although the theme kind of goes against commercialization, and definitely shares commentary on materialism, there are a ton of cool collectibles out there so you can share your love of the show. We’ve rounded up some of the best Squid Game costumes and collectibles available at Walmart, which you’ll find below. If you want to browse on your own, you can do that, as well!

Squid Game Player Bundle (4 Collectible Items)

Squid Game Netflix player bundle with 4 items.

Fancy yourself a player? This set includes 4 collectible items with the Squid Game theme, specifically for players of the game. You’ll get a Player 456 beanie, Player 001 label that’s a magnet, Player 067 coffee mug, and a 136-page notebook. All items were designed with Squid Game fans in mind, using recognizable fonts and colors! $40 will get you the whole set with free shipping.

Squid Game Guard Bundle (4 Collectible Items)

Squid Game Netflix guard bundle with 4 items.

If you’re more of a silent leader type, then you can join the Squid Game guards with this 4-piece collectible set. Just like the player set, it includes 4 themed items, only this time showing support for the guards! You’ll get a Squid Game beanie, 11-ounce coffee mug with Guard icon, a Squid Game-themed magnet, and a 136-page notebook. You can grab this awesome set of collectibles for $40 with free shipping at Walmart.

Squid Game Player 456 Graphic Tee

Squid Game Player 456 graphic tee in white.

As the last player admitted to the game, Player 456 is sure to be the first to go! At least, that’s what many thought. You can show your support with this white graphic tee, that features the Player 456 label and a small patch of Squid Game symbols. It’s labeled as a Men’s tee, but really, anyone can wear it! Plus, it comes in sizes small to 3XL. Normally $30, it’s available for $13 right now at Walmart! That deal probably won’t last, so if you’re interested, grab it!

Squid Game Player 001 Patch Graphic Tee

Squid Game Player 001 graphic tee with symbols.

Player 001 may be the first to arrive at the Squid Game island and compound, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be the first to go! Or does it? Show your support with this all-white graphic tee that features the Player 001 placard and Squid Game symbols underneath. It’s simple, yet iconic. It comes in sizes small to 3XL, and while it’s labeled a men’s tee it would surely work for anyone! Normally $30, you can grab it right now for $13 at Walmart!

Squid Game Design Notebook

Squid Game Netflix notebook with 4 designs.

The bigger 4-piece collectible sets include notebooks, but what if you want one by itself? This 136-page notebook has a Squid Game image depicted on the cover. There are 4 different designs, so you can collect them all if you want to! You can also use it as a journal, diary, or notebook. If you don’t want to fill it up, it makes a great collectible too! It’s $10 at Walmart.

Squid Game Stick Figure Red-Light-Green-Light Graphic Tee

Squid Game stick figure graphic tee playing red light green light.

Squid Game is so popular because it put a new spin on the age-old children’s games many of used to play — like taking red-light-green-light and turning it deadly! While that would never happen in real life, you can still be a fan of the way it played out in the show, thanks to this graphic tee. On the front are stick figure characters playing out a game, with the Squid Game logo hovering above. It comes in sizes small to 3XL, and again, even though it’s labeled a Men’s tee, it would be great for anyone. Usually, it’s $30, but it’s on sale at Walmart right now for $13. Hurry if you want one!

Squid Game Stick Figure Tug-of-War Graphic Tee

Squid Game graphic tee stick figures playing tug of war.

Another gameday, another graphic tee, this time depicting the titular tug-of-war game that the Squid Game players participated in. The design shows two platforms opposite each other, with players on each, pulling a rope and trying to knock off the opposing team. The Squid Game logo also sits below all of the action. The t-shirt comes in small to 3XL sizes, perfect for anyone to find their fit. At full price, it’s $30, but right now you can get it at Walmart for $13.

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