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A Plague Tale: Requiem: How to save Tramontane the lost goat

If you’ve spent any time with siblings Amicia and Hugo in A Plague Tale: Requiem, you’ll know that the former is rather afraid of goats and their loud, aggressive screams. Because of this, you might not expect that saving one would be high on Hugo’s priority list, yet doing exactly that is part of a short-and-sweet side quest about halfway through the game’s long, treacherous journey. Saving Tramontane the goat doesn’t require much more than a bit of fire to clear a path. Read on to find out how to help this lost animal return to her shepherd.

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How to save Tramontane the lost goat

As you make your way through Chapter IX: Tale and Revelations, you’ll eventually have to navigate your way up the mountainside on your way to the sanctuary. A little way up the mountain is a shepherd who will tell you that you’ll need to take a detour to reach a viewing spot for the ceremony taking place at the sanctuary, and he also briefly mentions his lost goat Tramontane, requesting that you send her back if you find her.

Amicia and Hugo watch flames erupt on grass
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Directly up from the shepherd and his herd of goats is a destroyed brick tower, and as you approach it, you can hear poor Tramontane fussing about being trapped inside. The door to the dilapidated tower is locked, so you’ll have to find another way in by burning down the grass to your right using some fire, which will then reveal a small gap through which you can send Hugo.

Hugo will unlock the door, at which point some dialogue will play out. After a moment, you can press a button to interact with Tramontane and watch as Hugo overcomes his fear of goats. Your work here is done, and shortly after wrapping up the rescue, you’ll be rewarded with the Tramontane souvenir.

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