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A Plague Tale: Requiem: Perfect Shot trophy and achievement guide

Siblings Amicia and Hugo endure an awful lot of hardship throughout A Plague Tale: Requiem‘s lengthy campaign, so it’s important to enjoy the fun and lighthearted moments as they come. The opening of the game is one such experience, following the duo through a playful day of exploration across the countryside. It’s during this initial chapter of their journey that you can score the game’s first trophy or achievement, titled Perfect Shot, which tasks you with hitting all of the pinecones during a minigame. Read on to find out where to keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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Where to find the pinecones for the Perfect Shot trophy or achievement

The minigame required to complete the Perfect Shot trophy or achievement is located in Chapter I: Under A New Sun. As you stroll along the countryside, Hugo will eventually crawl up on a rock and quickly take note of a riverbank down below, which he’ll then run down to. Follow him, and he’ll tell you there are ships attacking his kingdom, at which point he’ll begin throwing pinecones into the water for you to shoot with your sling.

Amicia primes a shot with her sling
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This minigame functions as a way to teach you how the sling works, but you’ll need to hit every pinecone to earn Perfect Shot. Make sure you stay behind the limb on the bank, or else you won’t be able to use the sling, and the pinecones will float on by. Simply aim at each of them until you’ve primed the shot, then unleash it. Make quick work of each pinecone, prioritizing any that are getting close to the limb on the bank.

Eventually, you’ll be interrupted briefly by a boy who asks to play with you, and then the game will continue with even more pinecones. Continue firing quickly, and if a pinecone passes you by, restart the checkpoint immediately to try again. Take note that a cutscene may trigger before you can hit the last pinecone or two if you happen to take too long, so don’t hold your primed shots too long, and be sure to keep a steady rhythm.

When you’ve destroyed all of the “attacking” pinecones, Hugo will rejoin you and hold your hand. Around this time, the Perfect Shot trophy or achievement should pop for you.

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