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Disney Dreamlight Valley: trophy and achievement guide

Like most farming and social sims, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game meant to be played over the course of many months and years, and that’s perhaps most apparent in its trophy and achievement lists. Though the lists are small, unlocking each trophy or achievement requires a significant time investment, and some of the tasks can’t even be met until the game has grown and added many more characters. If you’re itching to get a headstart, though, we’ve got a trophy and achievement guide here to get you going.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley trophy and achievement guide

Here’s every trophy and achievement in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to unlock each of them.

Dreamlight Master

Unlock every other trophy in the game to earn this one.

This platinum trophy is only available for PlayStation players, and it’ll pop as soon as you complete every other task below.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to catch 1,800 fish and claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Catching even a few fish can be a time-consuming affair, so catching 1,800 is quite the task. You’re likely to get about halfway through this milestone by just playing the game normally and completing quests or farming for the appropriate fish to meet the favorite food criteria for some critters (namely, crocodiles and foxes).

One tip that you may find helpful is to go down to Dazzle Beach and simply fish in the water without tracking down the fishing puddles. While you’ll find plenty of seaweed this way (which doesn’t count toward your fishing total), you’ll also find plenty of low-level fish. Since you’ll only have to press the reeling button a single time to catch each of these, it’s possible that you’ll see things move along a bit more quickly this way.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to cook 900 dishes and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

You can cook at a stove by combining any ingredient with a piece of coal. You’ll need to do quite a lot of cooking for quests and to fill out your recipe list, so many of your meals should come naturally throughout your time with the game. If you want to hit 900 quickly, though, just use a single veggie or fruit to make one-star dishes until you meet the milestone.

Best Friends

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to become best friends with 15 of your villagers and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Becoming best friends with a villager requires you to level their friendship to rank 10. This is done in two primary ways: giving them gifts and hanging out with them. By giving them all three of their favorite gifts each day and spending time with them doing whatever task they specialize in, you’ll eventually hit best friend status just by playing the game. If you want to make it happen quickly, farm up an abundance of flowers and give them to the characters you’re wanting to level up. It’s kind of slow, but it’s faster than waiting 24 hours.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to harvest 4,500 vegetables and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

This can be achieved through natural progression on a long enough timeline, but you can speed it up exponentially by digging a large garden and choosing between one of two methods.

Your first option is to plant and harvest lettuce, which only takes three minutes to grow. This can be a bit tedious and requires a lot of micromanagement, but it may speed up the process if you’re trying to knock the trophy or achievement out in a single (albeit long) sitting.

Your second option is to plant tomatoes. While they take 25 minutes to grow, you’ll pick three tomatoes per plant, making this the more efficient method if you’re willing to do it over the course of multiple sittings.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to mine 1,800 gems and claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Obtaining 1,800 gems is a massive undertaking, and there’s no notable way to speed things up. You’ll get a lot of these as you farm for them for quests, but it won’t be nearly enough to meet the milestone requirement. Just make sure you’ve opened each of the biomes before beginning to farm this for the trophy or achievement, then work your way through each one and back again over and over. It’ll take many, many hours to make this one happen, so take some breaks!

Construction Worker

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to build 30 houses for friends and claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

You’ll build houses for friends by following the main story quests and the quests you obtain when meeting and leveling up new Disney characters. As the game is currently in early access, this trophy or achievement is unobtainable until a total of 30 characters have been implemented.

Valley’s Helper

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to unlock every biome and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Unlocking all of the biomes requires you to obtain lots of Dreamlight, which you’ll naturally do as you forage, harvest crops, mine nodes, fish, complete quests, and much more. It will take you some time, but by the time you’ve completed most of the main quests and plenty of character quests, you’re very likely to get all of the biomes unlocked without any issues.

The cost of each biome and its respective cost to unlock is listed below.

  • Plaza: Unlocked as part of the story
  • Peaceful Meadow: Unlocked as part of the story
  • Dazzle Beach: 1,000 Dreamlight
  • Forest of Valor: 3,000 Dreamlight
  • Glade of Trust: 5,000 Dreamlight
  • Sunlit Plateau: 7,000 Dreamlight
  • Frosted Heights: 10,000 Dreamlight
  • Forgotten Lands: 15,000 Dreamlight

Goofy’s Investor

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to build all of Goofy’s stalls and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Goofy has a stall to fix in every biome except the Plaza and fixing them will give you access to seeds and ingredients, as well as a new spot to sell your own goods. Just approach the sign at each one and pay the coins to Scrooge to have the stall fixed.

Duty Bound

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to complete 1,100 Dreamlight Duties and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Dreamlight Duties are low-effort, low-reward ways to earn Dreamlight, often asking you to do simple things like cook a meal or change your outfit. You can have six active at a time, so when you’ve completed one of them, be sure to claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab to gain access to another new task. Even though they take minimal effort to achieve, it’ll still take you plenty of time to finish 1,100 of them, so consider just knocking them out efficiently as you play the game normally.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to fully upgrade your home and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

The ability to upgrade your home will come naturally during Scrooge’s questline. Once you’re able to upgrade, head over to the sign by your home and request the work to be done by paying Scrooge a hefty fee. Keep in mind that only exterior upgrades count toward this total, so if your goal is simply to meet the milestone, don’t bother upgrading your interior with new rooms until you’ve done so.

The cost of each upgrade is below.

  • Upgrade 1: 2,000 Star Coins
  • Upgrade 2: 20,000 Star Coins
  • Upgrade 3: 75,000 Star Coins


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to give friends 540 gifts and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

You can give any of your villagers gifts at any time by simply talking to them and selecting “I have something to give you!” Giving them gifts level them up, and each of them can receive a total of three rotating favorite gifts each day. However, you don’t have to give them their favorite gifts to count towards this trophy or achievement milestone.

This will no doubt come naturally for many players over the course of the game’s lifespan, but you can speed things up by just giving any character whatever item you have in excess. Flowers are easy to farm and tend to offer decent boosts to character levels, though, so if you’re wanting to make the most of the process, opt for those.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to earn a total of 1.8 million Star Coins and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Reaching 1.8 million Star Coins may sound like a daunting task — and it is, to be fair — but it’s not as bad as you might be thinking. Simply sell as much as you possibly can to Goofy, including unneeded ingredients, crafting materials, and fish. When possible, cook your ingredients (especially fish) into the highest star-level of meals possible before selling them, and you’ll eventually have enough coins to make even Scrooge jealous.

For more on how to get rich, check out our guide for How to Get Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to have a total of 1,000 daily discussions and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Daily discussions are quick little chats you can have with each character every day. Just approach every character in your village at least once a day to speak with them and get credit toward the milestone. Of course, with the limited characters available at the moment, it’s likely to take months to make this one happen.

Thorn Remover

To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to remove 3,000 night thorns and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

Night thorns are the evil briars you have to clear out upon reaching a new biome. However, you’re likely to end up with only a little over the total cleared by the time you’ve unlocked and cleared every biome. Each day, though, new night thorns will appear in random biomes throughout the valley, so be sure to do your rounds and clear them. Because you need to clear so many and so few respawn each day, it’s likely to take months to finish this up, meaning there’s a good chance that it’ll be the final trophy or achievement you get.


To obtain this trophy or achievement, you’ll need to take a total of 50 pictures and then claim the reward in your Dreamlight tab.

The description for this one states you need to take 180 pictures, but it actually unlocks by taking 50. Completing this milestone can be knocked out in just a few minutes by selecting your camera from the tool wheel and snapping all of the necessary photos in a row.

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