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How to get Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve spent any time with Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re certain to have noticed that everything is, well, very expensive. Between upgrading various structures, purchasing furniture and clothes, and buying materials and items for the game’s myriad quests, you’re likely to be feeling the impact pretty hard in your wallet. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to build up a nice collection of Star Coins, and we’ve compiled a list for you to peruse here so that you can decide which method works best for you.

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A player walks by Wall-E while heading into a cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Especially early in the game, one of your biggest money-making methods will be mining for gems that you can sell. Of course, you’ll want to hang on to some gems that will be needed for quests, but generally speaking, you can sell them to Goofy for a hefty chunk of change.

For starters, be sure that you select a friend to bring with you who specializes in mining. This will ensure that you frequently get at least one additional gem each time you mine one, increasing your profits exponentially. Secondly, try to be efficient by planning out a route that begins on one side of the map and lets you move from biome to biome, hitting each node until you can circle around or fast-travel back to the first area and begin again. Nodes respawn every five or so minutes, so this method can be quite useful if you’re willing to kick back and accept the monotony of it all.


Like mining, fishing is a fantastic early-game option for making money, and it can even be profitable later in the game – particularly if you bring a friend along who specializes in fishing and can provide you with additional fish with each catch.

Fish come in multiple rarities, which you can recognize by the color of the pool in which they reside. White pools contain common fish, which often don’t sell for much until you’ve caught a lot of them. Meanwhile, blue and gold pools feature rare and legendary fish or seafood, respectively, and these can bring in a pretty penny. Prioritize pools with those higher-rarity options, then go fish in the common pools until you see another blue or gold one appear.

Before you head off to Goofy’s stall to sell your haul, though, consider the next tip first.

Cooking meals

While you can certainly sell the fish and seafood you acquire through fishing, there’s actually a way to make a bit more money from your catches. One piece of any seafood, for instance, can be cooked into a Seafood Appetizer and sold for a few hundred more coins for the mere effort of visiting a stovetop somewhere. In general, anything that can be cooked should be cooked if you want to make more money from it – and that goes for vegetables and fruits, too, which we’ll mention below. However, your most lucrative dishes will be those which have higher star levels, so it’s best to aim for five-star dishes whenever you possibly can to make some huge income.

One popular trick for making massive profits is to unlock Remy and complete his quest line so that you will have access to all of his ingredients at his restaurant. Go there and purchase one cheese, one egg, one milk, and one butter to make a Souffle. The ingredients combined will run you just over 800 coins, but you can sell the Souffle at Goofy’s stall for 1,200 coins. Once you can afford to do so, buy the ingredients in bulk and make tons of Souffles to effortlessly fill your purse.

Gardening and foraging

Harvesting vegetables and foraging for fruits isn’t quite as lucrative as the other methods above, but since it’s virtually necessary to fill out your recipe collection and finish a handful of quests, you might as well be doing everything you can. As mentioned in the last tip, your best bet is to take your ingredients and cook them into dishes to sell for more, but even if you merely forage all of the valley’s available fruit and sell it all directly, that’s still a few thousand coins in your pocket that you didn’t have before.

To make things more efficient, it’s recommended that you create a grove of sorts where you can line up all of your fruit trees and bushes to make them easier to pick. The same goes for planting and harvesting veggies – be sure you have one large plot of land for the process rather than various plots across multiple biomes. Of course, don’t forget to bring along friends who specialize in foraging or gardening to ensure that you’re getting extra ingredients with each pick!

Investing early to reap the benefits later

All of the tips so far are things that can be done fairly early in the game and continue to be profitable even a hundred hours in. However, if you’re willing to save up and spend your hard-earned cash on long-term investments, you’ll be able to bring in passive income forever. Here are some ideas for you.

When you’ve brought Moana to the valley, her quest line will eventually task you with fixing her fishing boat. Doing so will allow her to consistently fish and provide you with fish, and if you’re willing to spend the money upfront to upgrade her boat to its maximum level – which admittedly costs a lot of coins – she’ll be able to bring you up to 20 fish at a time. You can take these extra fish and sell them directly for passive income or cook them and make even more coins.

Once you’ve brought WALL-E to the valley, his questline will eventually ask you to help him build his garden. If you oblige, he will plant and grow some random crops every day – some of which are high-quality and expensive to purchase otherwise. The more money you spend upgrading this garden, the more he can plant for you. You can harvest these ingredients to sell directly, though it’s much more profitable to cook them into nice dishes to sell. Either way, once you’ve spent plenty of money upgrading his garden, the long-term impact can be quite beneficial.

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