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Fortnite Chapter 3 guide: Season 3, week 6 quests and how to complete them

It’s once again time for a brand new batch of Fortnite quests, this time for Chapter 3, Season 3, week 6. We’re around halfway through the season already, and Epic Games has many more opportunities for us to earn precious battle pass XP. This week, you’ll need to get your hands on lots of specific weapons, which is a standard requirement for many Fortnite quests during Season 3.

From destroying Reality Seed Pods to utilizing the Grappling Glove, these are all the new Fortnite challenges for week 6.

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Season 3, week 6 quests

  • Break open Reality Seed Pods (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents with Rare or better Assault Rifles (1,000)
  • Land headshots from 40 or more meters with the Hammer Assault Rifle (5)
  • Pick a legendary or mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling (1)
  • Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character (1)
  • Use a Baller, a zipline, and a geyser in a single match (3)
  • Use the Grapple Glove to catch a Zipline while airborne (1)

Season 3, week 6 quest guide

Break open Reality Seed Pods (3)

Tree at Reality Falls in Fortnite.

This is one of many challenges tied to Reality Seed Pods this season. If you’ve played since the beginning of the season, you’ll likely already know how to complete it. Otherwise, you should head to Reality Falls, where you’ll find lots of Reality Seed Pods all over the massive tree’s branches and roots.

You need to destroy them to get the Reality Seeds to spawn, and you’ll likely be able to break open three of them in one match. Remember, these are the large purple bulbs that are new this season. These Reality Seed Pods are also located elsewhere, but the easiest way to find them is to visit Reality Falls.

Deal damage to opponents with Rare or better Assault Rifles (1,000)

Rare assault rifles are blue, which are still fairly common throughout the map, especially if you survive toward the end. For this one, you need to deal 1,000 damage with at least a rare assault rifle, which will likely take you a few matches but shouldn’t give you much trouble overall. You can actually use an Enemy Bot grenade to earn progress toward this one, which will surely speed up the process.

Land headshots from 40 or more meters with the Hammer Assault Rifle (5)

Hammer Assault Rifle in Fortnite.

You can actually stack this one with the previous challenge, so we recommend trying to complete both at once. The Hammer Assault Rifle isn’t hard to find at all, so keep your eyes peeled as you explore (even better if you find a Rare version or better). From there, do your best to aim for the head when taking shots at your opponents, and keep in mind that you don’t need to earn all five headshots in one match.

Pick a legendary or mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling (1)

Once again, you’ll need to utilize the Reality Seed Pods, so make sure you collect a Seed, as mentioned above. We’ve covered how to grow Saplings in previous guides this season, but the main idea is to grab a Seed from the Pods, head to a secluded location, and plant it there. Then, in a later match, it will grow into a Reality Sapling.

You need to pick the weeds around the Sapling to maintain it, and each time you visit, you’ll be rewarded with items. Continue picking weeds for several matches until you gain access to a Legendary (orange) or Mythic (gold) weapon type. This will take a while, but the longer the Reality Sapling stays, the higher your chance of getting rare loot from it.

Purchase an Exotic weapon from a Character (1)

Map of NPCs who sell weapons in Fortnite.

All around the map, there are NPCs who sell firearms, and to complete this challenge, you need to buy an Exotic weapon. Use the map above to find them. Exotic weapons are light blue (not to be confused with blue Rare weapons) and are typically expensive, so make sure you’ve got plenty of gold bars. If you don’t have enough gold bars, you can complete bounties or eliminate players and collect them from their dropped items.

Use a Baller, a zipline, and a geyser in a single match (3)

Character inside Baller in Fortnite.

This one can be a little tricky if you’re unaware of what to do, but thankfully, there’s an easy way to complete this challenge. First, land at Rave Cave, where you’ll find plenty of Ballers, which are large spheres that can be controlled like vehicles. They’re all around Rave Cave and can be found by the roller coaster.

Map of geysers in Fortnite.

Then, use the Baller to head southwest to the west side of Reality Falls, where you’ll find a bunch of different geysers, which can be used to bounce into the sky.

Map of zipline in Fortnite.

Finally, just beside the geysers in this area, at the top of a cliff is a zipline that can be used to reach the area across from it. As long as you’ve utilized all three aforementioned items in the same match, you’ll earn credit for this one.

Use the Grapple Glove to catch a Zipline while airborne (1)

Map of Grapple Gloves in Fortnite.

The map is littered with stations, where you’ll find Grapple Gloves, which can be used to swing around. You can also find them as floor loot or from chests. Once you have one, you need to visit a zipline and use the Grapple Glove to attach to it while you’re in the air. Ziplines are all around the map, but remember, you can find one just west of Reality Falls. In fact, you can also find Grapple Gloves at Rave Cave, so you’ll be able to stack this challenge with the previous one for maximum efficiency.

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