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Epic Games defends Fortnite cross-platform matchmaking amid player backlash

Fortnite players have expressed their disapproval over cross-play matches in the battle royale shooter, but Epic Games says that the new matchmaking system will be good for the game.

Epic Games introduced skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite‘s v10.40 update, which was rolled out on September 23. The plan was to place players in matches where they will compete against opponents with similar skill levels.

The new matchmaking system, however, paired players from different platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile. The cross-play matches are now online for Solo mode and will soon roll out for Duos.

Players voiced their concerns about the cross-platform matches on online forums such as Reddit. They have pointed out that those on platforms running Fortnite at 30 frames per second will be at a huge disadvantage over others playing the game at 120 frames per second. There is also a massive difference between using a touchscreen, controller, or keyboard and mouse.

Epic Games, however, said in a blog post that the new matchmaking system is here to stay, despite the discussion over the possibly “unfair competitive advantages” that some players will have over others depending on their platform or input device.

“Our goal with the new matchmaking system is to create fairer matches for all of our players, which includes special considerations for each platform,” Epic Games wrote. The developer said that it is monitoring match analytics and player feedback, and that it will make adjustments to to make sure that games are fair.

Epic Games has not been particularly clear on how the skill-based, cross-play matchmaking system works. Does it mean that a very skilled player on mobile may be matched up against a mediocre PC player, as the latter is much better at aiming due to using a keyboard and mouse set-up?

Fortnite players on different platforms experience various advantages and disadvantages, and keeping them on separate servers ensured that skill was the primary force behind winning games. With the new system, determining players’ skills may also start taking into account the platform on which they are playing.

Epic Games is just recovering from the player backlash against the overpowered B.R.U.T.E. mechs, but it appears that the developer is already facing another controversy right before Season 11 kicks off.

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