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Fortnite season 4, week 1 challenge guide: Where to collect floating rings at Misty Meadows

Another week of Fortnite, another laundry list of weekly challenges. One of the most difficult missions in the first week of season 4 asks players to collect floating rings in Misty Meadows. Not only are these scattered all throughout the area, but several other combatants are bound to drop in at the same spot as they attempt the challenge, too.

If you need a bit of help, we’ve put together a list of all four floating ring locations and where you can find them in Misty Meadows during Fortnite‘s season 4.

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Overview of locations

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Before diving in on the action, check out the above image to get an idea of where you’re going. The floating rings won’t be visible until you’re in range, but we’ve highlighted them in red to give you an idea of their whereabouts. Misty Meadows is located on the southern portion of the island, and the four floating rings will have you running all over the quaint lakeside locale. Thankfully, they’re all located on top of buildings and are easy to spot when you get close. We found it best to drop near the cabin far south of town, closest to the waterfall. This allows you to grab a few items, scout out other players’s locations, and even pick up your first floating ring.

Floating ring 1: Cabin, far south of town

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This one is a headache simply because it’s located so far away from the three others. Making this your drop point will save you the trouble of having to trek across the open terrain in a highly-populated zone. Build yourself a few staircases, and grab the ring sitting on the roof.

Floating ring 2: Picnic building, southeast corner of town

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Next, head into town, sticking to its eastern side. You’ll soon come across a tiny building that has a large roof overhanging an outdoor picnic area. The floating ring is up on the roof, so build a few more structures, and claim ring number two.

Floating ring 3: House near the middle of town

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Just across the street and a bit to the north is a large house near the water. You can build a few ramps to reach the floating ring that’s up on the roof, but we recommend heading inside and opening a few chests while you’re in the area. Other enemies are likely to be lurking around, and you’re going to need a weapon for the highly-exposed final ring.

Floating ring 4: Clocktower

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The last floating ring in Misty Meadows is hands-down the most difficult to collect. It’s positioned up on the clocktower — the highest point in town. Its roof is also too steep to stand on, so you’ll have to carefully work your way up without getting shot and falling off. To be safe, find the door on the side of the clocktower and head inside. From here, you can simply destroy the interior structures and build yourself a safe staircase to the top. Be careful when you eventually have to go into the fresh air to claim the ring, as enemies are bound to be waiting.

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