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Fortnite season 4 week 10 challenge guide: Where to find chests at Upstate New York

Typically, the Fortnite challenges for opening chests in specific locations are pretty straightforward. However, with season 4 week 10, one challenge requires you to search chests at a location called Upstate New York — a spot that is not marked on the map. Since it’s unmarked, you might be unaware of where it is. But luckily, we’ve got all the details on how to find chests at this location, including tips for making it as easy and as efficient as possible for you.

Here’s how to search chests at Upstate New York in Fortnite.

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Where to find Upstate New York

Upstate New York is actually the entire circular area that surrounds Stark Industries. As long as you’re within that circle, you’re in the right area, meaning there are plenty of chests to open as you play. We recommend avoiding hot spots like Stark Industries itself, but rather, going to the lesser-explored areas like Tony Stark’s lab in the cabin to the northeast, or other small buildings around this area. Start by booting up a Team Rumble match so you can respawn if you die. You can complete this challenge in Battle Royale, but it’s much harder due to the thick fog found in those modes during the Fortnitemares event.

Chest locations in Upstate New York


Above is the location of every chest in this area. As you can see, Stark Industries has the most chests, but it’s a deadly area because players tend to gravitate toward it. While you’re landing, you can survey the area and see if people are landing there and, if so, correct your path and head elsewhere. If you manage to land at Stark Industries with few players around, you’ll be in good shape, as there are around 25 chests in this location. But typically, you won’t have the place to yourself.

Instead, head to Tony Stark’s laboratory in the cabin on the east side of the lake in this area. If you break through the floor, you’ll find Iron Man’s lab and usually a chest or two, assuming no one else beat you to this location. In total, there are seven chests here, so you’ve got good odds of grabbing a few. With a little luck, you should find at least a couple of chests here, so then make your way southwest toward Stark Industries to find the rest. There’s a spot to the southwest that features four chests, and another two to the south of that — across the lake.

Use the map above to plan your route accordingly, and if the match finishes before you can find all seven, start up another and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. After you’ve found all seven, you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge and earn 25,000 XP as a reward.

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