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Fortnite season 4 week 9 challenge guide: Gather floating rings at Steamy Stacks

As part of Fortnite‘s season 4, week 9 challenges, you’ll need to collect five floating rings across Steamy Stacks. It’s possible to find them naturally by exploring the area, but if you want to gather them quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, the floating rings spawn in the same spots each time, so you can grab all of them within minutes in one match if you know where to look.

In this guide, we’ll show you the exact locations of all five rings and the best order in which to collect them. We’ll also include a video to help you track them down easier, as well as images showing their locations. Here’s how to collect all five rings at Steamy Stacks in Fortnite.

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Floating ring location overview

Use the map above for the overall locations of all five floating rings. The rings in the dead center and to the northeast are located inside, and we’ll show you exactly how to find them below. Also, it’s best to try this in Team Rumble since you get to respawn if you die. Otherwise, it might take you a couple of tries if you’re playing battle royale. If you get through a match without finding all of them, no biggie — you can jump back into another match to finish them off. Below is a video of us grabbing all five of them in one go.

As you can see, many other players landed at Steamy Stacks to complete the challenge, and we managed to use the ramps they built to easily collect the rings. You might not have that much luck when you attempt to complete this challenge, but it’s something to keep in mind. No need to build your own ramps if another player has done that for you already. We also highly recommend grabbing a decent weapon along the way, just in case you need to defend yourself.

From our experience, Steamy Stacks will likely have at least one or two other players there, so you’ll want to be prepared. Remember, if you die in Team Rumble, you’ll be able to come back — and you can use your glider when jumping from tall structures. Here are images of each floating ring’s location in the order we collected them. Keep in mind, you can grab them in any order — this is just the route we chose to take. You might need to adjust if you come across other enemies. Enable Visualize Sound Effects from the audio settings to help identify if enemies are near.

First floating ring

The first floating ring is found on the western side of Steamy Stacks, on one of the smaller roofs of the purple and white building. Grab this one first so you can easily access the second and third floating rings without having to build much (or at all).

Second floating ring

Next, head up to the larger roof of this building and make your way east toward the center of this area. You’ll see the second ring on top of a structure that looks like a valve with a yellow lining (though, when we collected it, the structure had been destroyed). This is just northeast of the previous floating ring, and you’ll need to build up to it (or use a ramp someone else built).

Third floating ring

From here, head south across the rooftops and onto a long pipe. Follow it to the south — just before you reach the structure with the Porta Potty on top is the next floating ring.

Fourth floating ring

The next two rings are located inside. After this, head to the northeast of Steamy Stacks and enter the building with the “5” on the side of it. Head to the second floor from the outside entrance and build a ramp up to the pipe above where the next floating ring is located.

Fifth floating ring

Finally, make your way into the center building with the “4” on the side of it. Once inside, head into the larger open area, and you’ll see the final floating ring being held by a yellow claw. Build up to it to collect it. After you’ve grabbed it, you’ll complete the challenge and earn 25,000 XP. Do watch out for the storm, as it can easily sweep you up if you take too much time collecting the rings. That’s why we recommend bringing a team with you to watch your back so you don’t need to spend much time shooting at enemies.

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