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Fortnite season 6, week 4 challenges and how to complete them

Week 4 of Fortnite‘s season 6 is underway, and with it comes a brand new batch of challenges. You shouldn’t have too many difficulties getting this week’s challenges knocked out since many of them can be unlocked by playing naturally. Fortunately, the tougher objectives are ones that require you to craft specific items, which is something you’ve probably been doing throughout the duration of this season anyway.

You might not be aware of how to craft the items tied to this week’s challenges, or perhaps you’re just jumping into this season for the first time this week. Either way, we’ve got you covered with a list of the latest quests along with guides on how to complete the trickier ones. Here are Fortnite‘s season 6, week 4 challenges and how to complete the more difficult ones.

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Season 6, week 4 challenge list


Just like every week, we advise you to take a glance at the challenges so you’re prepared. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll probably make a decent amount of progress on this week’s challenges by simply playing, but it’s always good to know what to expect.

The full list of challenges is as follows:

  • Set structures on fire (10)
  • Search chests (7)
  • Eliminate opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher (3)
  • Shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow (1)
  • Tame animals in different matches (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents with The Recycler (300)
  • Revive a teammate (1)

As you can see, only a handful of them will require extra effort, such as dealing damage with The Recycler or shockwaving wildlife with a shockwave grenade or bow. Others, like searching chests or reviving a teammate, will come naturally. For the tougher quests, we’ve got guides on how to complete them below.

Season 6, week 4 challenge guide

Shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow


The hardest part about this challenge is finding a shockwave grenade, so reference the guide below for tips on how to do that. Once you’ve got it, shocking an animal is easy.

How to shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow

Tame wildlife


If you’ve been keeping up with this season since it started, you should be familiar with taming wildlife. But if you’re new, or if you’ve forgotten how that mechanic works, check the guide below for details on how to tame wildlife in Fortnite. For this particular challenge, you need to tame three animals, and you can do so across multiple matches.

How to tame wildlife

Deal damage to opponents with The Recycler


The Recycler is a weapon that spawns around the world and can be used to suck up objects. It also works similarly to a grenade launcher, so use the guide below for more on how to complete this challenge.

How to deal damage to opponents with The Recycler

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