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Fortnite challenge guide: Search the farm for clues

Fortnite season 7, week 4 is now here, and as usual, it comes with a slew of new challenges for you to complete. Once again, this week’s challenges are a bit trickier than you might be used to, as most of them require you to visit certain unmarked locations on the map to find collectibles. While these aren’t necessarily difficult, you might be stuck when trying to complete them. One in particular is for searching the farm for clues.

As you can tell from the challenge’s description, it isn’t very specific. Luckily, the requirements for this objective aren’t too hefty, so once you know where to go, you can complete it quickly. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about finishing this quest. Here’s how to search the farm for clues in Fortnite.

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Clue locations

Fortnite search farm for clues.

In total, there are four clues to find around the farm area. Clues are represented by little magnifying glasses that can be picked up. The spot you’ll want to go to is the island just east of Corny Complex. Reference the map above for more details (thanks, For the challenge itself, you only need to find two out of the four clues, which will save you some time. As with most collectibles, you can grab these in any order and across multiple matches. Though, you shouldn’t have too many issues getting two in one match, unless you’re extremely unlucky.

In cases when other enemies are around you, we recommend hiding inside the house in the center to wait for them to leave, or to perhaps find a weapon to defend yourself with. And as always, we advise attempting this with a squad so your teammates can watch your back as you hunt for clues in this area.

Below are the specific locations of each clue in the farm area.

Clue 1 location

Fortnite farm clue 1 location.

The first one is to the southwest, close to the water by some rocks. It’s close to the little bridge that connects the island to Corny Complex.

Clue 2 location

Fortnite farm clue 2 location.

Next up, head to the southernmost cornfield in this area. On the northeastern side of the cornfield is a red tractor, with the clue right behind it.

Clue 3 location

Fortnite farm clue 3 location.

You can find the following clue directly north of the house in the center. The clue is found on the top of a hill by some trees.

Clue 4 location

Fortnite farm clue 4 location.

And the final one is north of the previous, across the river and next to some branches.

After you’ve found two of the four clues, you’ll gain credit for completing the challenge.

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