Fortnite season 9, week 1 challenge guide: Visit all sky platforms

Find all seven sky platforms with our guide to this weekly Fortnite challenge

The volcano erupted, Tilted Towers and Retail Row were sacrificed, and now we are in the future. Fortnite season nine is finally here, and with it comes 10 weeks of brand new challenges to take on across the island. With all the changes and additions made to the map, players are in for quite a season — or so we hope.

For the first week of the season, there are some surprisingly good challenges available. The one we’re tackling today tasks players with visiting all the sky platforms. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at all the challenges available this week.

Fortnite week 1 challenges

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

Just because it’s a new season, doesn’t mean anything has really changed when it comes to challenges. There are still seven new Battle Royale challenges to take on, four of which are only for season nine battle pass owners and the other three that are free. If you are interested in checking out what challenges are available this week, be sure to take a look at our helpful screenshot above.

Probably because it’s the start of a new season, all of the really good challenges are free this week. There are a couple of challenges that take advantage of the fact that it’s a new season by introducing players to the new locations and mechanics that are now available. One such challenge deals with the sky platforms and that is what we’re going to cover next.

Fortnite sky platforms challenge

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

This free season nine challenge tasks players with finding and visiting all seven sky platforms on the island. If you didn’t know, these floating platforms all look roughly the same and are spread out across the map, similar to the expedition and pirate camps from the last couple of seasons. This challenge is not only great for getting you familiar with the platforms but pushing you to explore what’s changed on the map.

There are a whopping seven platforms to visit, so you probably won’t be able to complete this challenge in a single match. We barely completed this challenge in two matches, but we’re certain you can comfortably do it in three to four.

We recommend you do this in the Team Rumble mode, per usual. With a smaller number of players, only two teams, teammates watching your back, and fewer enemies to worry about, it’ll make visiting all the sky platforms much easier than it would be in another mode. If you really want to blast through this challenge as fast as possible, we recommend turning on party assist mode in the challenges tab of the lobby. This will allow your teammates who visit other platforms to count for you as well.

All Fortnite sky platform locations

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

Like the challenge states, there are seven sky platforms in total and we need to visit all of them. You can’t just visit the same one multiple times during a match as that won’t work. It needs to be all seven, but it certainly doesn’t have to be within the same match.

These platforms are spread throughout the entire map, which can make finding them difficult but thankfully, it’s highly likely you’ll find one near where you land. It’s also pretty easy to travel between platforms once you have already made it to one. Check out the map we have for you above to see the general location of all of the sky platforms on the island.

You can actually see all of them on the general map while you’re in the game, but they are small and hard to see. Some, like the snow biome platform, are also obstructed by its surroundings. Because of this, we are going to give you specific details on all seven locations including our recommended path.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Paradise Palms

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

We went in a circle around the map when we did this challenge. We found that starting with one of the outlying platforms, like the Paradise Palms location, is a great way to start.

This first sky platform is located just north of Paradise Palms in the desert. Its exact location if you are looking at the grid map is in the I7 square.

Since it’s located in the sky, our best suggestion to you is to try landing here from the battle bus, although you can always use one of the slipstreams as well.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Pressure Plant

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

The second location we recommend you visit is the new Pressure Plant location. This is pretty far away from the last spot but you can always jump off the first platform and glide over there. The Pressure Plant can be found where the volcano is.

This second platform is right next to the Pressure Plant on its southeastern side, right in the H4 square. If you are unable to land directly on it using the battle bus or gliding, that’s not a problem at all.

Just head to one of the four slipstreams that lead up to it, go inside, and point your camera upward. Once you get to the top, you should see the notification that it worked.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Lazy Lagoon

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

The distance to our next location is not nearly as far as the distance between the first two. All you need to do is head west until you reach Lazy Lagoon. This third platform resides west of the words “Lazy Lagoon” on the map, southwest of the town and pirate ship. If you look on the grid map, you will find this sky platform’s exact location to be right on the southern edge of the F3 square.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Pleasant Park

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

Next, it’s time to continue heading westward. This time, we are heading to the sky platform near Pleasant Park. You will find this fourth floating station southwest of the town and directly south of the huge mountain. This is one of the easiest sky platforms to spot on the map.

Its exact location is on the border of the B4 and C4 squares on the grid-based map. When you get there, all you need to do is land here from the battle bus and/or gliding, or fly upwards using one of the four slipstreams. It’s worth noting that there is some good loot on these platforms so don’t leave without taking a look around, if you can.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Shifty Shafts

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

We are now more than halfway done with this lengthy season nine challenge. For the next sky platform, head down south again to the snowy biome. We specifically need to head to the sky platform located directly in between Shifty Shafts and Polar Peak, the latter of which is starting to crack in season nine.

This fifth sky platform is located directly west of Shifty Shafts and northeast of Polar Peak. Its location on the grid map is in the C7 square. Since this is the fifth one, it is likely that you are in a different match by now. If so, be sure to land here from the battle bus or just use the slipstream to make your way up. With that done, we only have two left.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Dusty Divot

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

The next sky platform is in Dusty Divot. You can find it floating slightly southwest of Dusty Divot in the middle of the map. Its exact location is on the left side of the F6 square on the grid map. Like before, land on top of the platform or use the slipstream to travel up. With that done, we only have one left and it’s actually really close to this one.

Fortnite sky platforms location: Fatal Fields

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

The seventh and final sky platform is found in between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs. If you’re heading here from the previous location in Dusty Divot, it’s located directly south of that. It is northwest of Fatal Fields and south of Salty Springs, right next to the big hill near here. Its exact location on the grid map is on the border of the F7 and F8 squares. Head here and this challenge is done.

Fortnite sky platforms reward

fortnite week 1 challenges fortnite sky platforms

Your reward for completing one of the first major challenges of this season is a simple one — five battle stars. That is enough to grant you half a tier level up.

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