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Is Halo Infinite cross-platform?

The Halo franchise has been the face of Xbox since the two launched together way back in 2001. Since then, each subsequent game has been a major improvement on the series’ formula, while pushing multiplayer shooters on consoles forward as a whole. With their innovations in matchmaking, forge, theater mode, custom games, and more, the Halo games have always gone above and beyond to make their multiplayer offerings as robust as possible.

Halo Infinite has taken a unique step for the series. For the first time, the multiplayer component will be a stand-alone, free-to-play game. Not only that, but it is going to be available on three different systems at launch: The Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and the PC. With so many options of where to play, especially when there’s no price of admission, you might be wondering where you want to play. If you want to be sure you and your friends can all squad up together for one of the biggest multiplayer shooter releases of the year, here’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite cross-play.

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Does Halo Infinite have cross-play?

Spartans attacking each other in Halo Infinite.

The short and sweet answer is yes, Halo Infinite does support cross-play on all the platforms it is available on. That means you can team up with anyone playing on the original Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC all in the same game. There’s no barrier between you and your friends in terms of getting together to play some multiplayer fun.

However, at least for now, this only applies to the competitive multiplayer modes. As we learned earlier, Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign will not be available at launch. Once it does come, we expect to allow players on any supported system to join up in this mode as well.

Does Halo Infinite have cross-progression?

A yellow spartan holding a pyramid.

If you have multiple systems or like to switch between PC and console, you can also rest easy knowing that Halo Infinite has full cross-progression support as well. Any progress you make on one platform, such as the Xbox Series X, can be transferred over seamlessly and picked up on the PC whenever you wish. This includes your multiplayer ranking, character, and all that progress, plus your progress in the campaign when that launches as well.

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Following several leaks throughout March, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 today and released three videos highlighting some of the new features that build upon the gameplay that still looks very much like Counter-Strike should. First, smoke grenades have been overhauled to be more dynamic. Smoke will interact and change shape depending on the environment around it, and all players see the smoke in the same position. Valve has also adjusted the tick rate of the game, so Counter-Strike 2 will more accurately respond to how players move and shoot. Players will also be able to bring over their entire Global Offensive inventory into Counter-Strike 2.
This next evolution of the Counter-Strike formula is built on Valve's newer Source 2 game engine, and it looks great. This is best seen in Counter-Strike 2's maps, which fall into three different tiers. Touchstone maps are classic ones that have only seen updates to lighting, Upgraded maps are ones that game a significant visual touch-up to benefit from Source 2's physically-based rendering system, and Overhaul maps have been thoroughly redesigned by Valve. Valve also promises to give the tools that let them build these maps to mod-makers so they can create beautiful-looking mods for Counter-Strike 2. 
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Counter-Strike 2 will be released for PC this summer. 

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