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How to get the Among Us back bling and emote in Fortnite

Fortnite is known for featuring collaborations and crossovers with other brands, and the most recent addition is one that will no doubt excite many players. Epic Games has announced a partnership with InnerSloth to bring Among Us cosmetics to Fortnite, marking a first-time collaboration between the two companies. This comes after Fortnite implemented its infamous Impostors mode, which played almost exactly like Among Us.

Now that Among Us items have been added to Fortnite, you’ll likely want to dive in and get your hands on the latest cosmetics. But how exactly does it work? Here’s how to get the Among Us items in Fortnite.

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What are the Among Us cosmetics?

Promo art featuring Among Us emotes in Fortnite.

The Among Us cosmetics are as follows:

  • Crewmate Back Bling: Available in red, blue, green, pink, orange, black, white, yellow, brown, and purple
  • Distraction Dance Emote: With dance moves from InnerSloth’s The Henry Stickmin Collection

It doesn’t appear like there will be any Among Us outfits, gliders, or harvesting tools, so when these cosmetics do come to the item shop, they likely won’t be as expensive as others.


squad up with ur Crewmates (or Impostors?) and prepare for departure on the Battle Bus – we're invading @FortniteGame! 😈

buy Among Us or Stars in the Epic Games Launcher now to get the Crewmate Back Bling & Distraction Dance Emote in Fortnite

— Among Us (@AmongUsGame) June 9, 2022

How to get the Among Us Fortnite cosmetics

There are two ways to gain access to the Among Us cosmetics in Fortnite. The first way is to purchase Among Us from the Epic Games Store for $5, which will automatically give you access to the cosmetics in Fortnite at no additional cost. If you already own Among Us on the Epic Games Store prior to this deal going live, you’ll need to simply make any in-game Stars pack purchase (the least expensive is $2), and you’ll be rewarded with the Fortnite cosmetics as soon as you boot up the game. You have until June 9, 2023, to take advantage of this offer. Once you unlock the cosmetics using this method, they will be available across all platforms, as long as you utilize the same account.

The other method is to simply buy the cosmetics when they launch within Fortnite, though Epic Games has yet to announce when this will be. The company simply says the cosmetics will come to the “in-game shop at a later date.” We imagine they’ll be added to the game within the next couple of weeks.

Since there will only be two items available, the Crewmate Back Bling and the Distraction Dance Emote, the bundle will likely only cost around 1,000 V-bucks or so, though the exact price has yet to be revealed. You’ll want to have some V-bucks set aside for when the items are added to the game in the near future, which can be purchased using real money.

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