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What are Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

Arkesia is a world filled with challenging dungeons, deadly bosses, incredible vistas, and a whole lot of collectibles. Lost Ark tracks eight different categories of collectibles — all told, there are nearly 1,500 hidden items scattered across the land. Mokoko Seeds are one of the earliest forms of collectibles you’ll encounter in Lost Ark. They’re not too difficult to find, and they offer a variety of benefits for seeking them out.

Here’s why Mokoko Seeds are important in Lost Ark, and why you should pick them up whenever you stumble upon them.

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What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds are a form of currency in Lost Ark and one of the eight types of collectibles in the game. You’ll find them scattered on the ground during your time in Arkesia, and they’re easily recognizable by their sprouting green leaves. To collect a Mokoko Seed, simply interact with it by pressing the G key. It’ll then appear on your minimap (to let you know you’ve already collected it) and will be added to your Collectibles menu.

Why Mokoko Seeds are important

Although you could go the entire game without finding them, Mokoko Seeds offer a variety of benefits. For one, they provide you with a bit of Roster XP, giving you an easy way to boost your Roster Level and gain new perks.

You can also head over to Mokoko Village and speak with Totoma to exchange your Mokoko Seeds for rewards. The full list can be found on the Collectibles menu (Alt + L), although it includes some of the following:

  • Totoma Card (50 Seeds)
  • Mokamoka Card (350 Seeds)
  • Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko (500 Seeds)
  • Wallpaper: Mokoko Village (900 Seeds)
  • Title: Nice Smelling (1100 Seeds)
  • Transformation: Mokoko Seed (1200 Seeds)

How to find Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark player discovering a Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seeds are typically found on the edges of maps, hidden in thick shrubbery or partially obscured by in-game objects. Your minimap won’t give you exact positions for Mokoko Seeds, although you can use your Collectibles menu to help pinpoint which regions you need to search.

After opening your Collectibles menu, click on the Mokoko Seeds icon. This will pull up a make of Arkesia that’s broken up into numerous segments. Hover over one of these segments and you’ll get a detailed rundown of how many Mokoko Seeds are hidden on each map — along with how many you’ve already discovered.

If you’re ready to go Mokoko Seed hunting, you can speed things up by purchasing some Crystalline Aura. This premium item is essentially Lost Ark‘s monthly subscription, and it provides you with a bunch of additional perks. For Mokoko Seed hunting, you’ll want to take full advantage of the free use of Triports, which will allow you to quickly navigate the world without impacting your wallet. This makes it easy to skip around the map and jump to locations where you still need to find Mokoko Seeds.

Other collectibles in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Collectibles menu showing all eight collectibles.

Aside from Mokoko Seeds, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the following collectibles — each with its own set of benefits.

  • Island Tokens (91 Total)
  • Giants’ Hearts (15 Total)
  • Omnium Stars (7 Total)
  • Masterpieces (49 Total)
  • Ignea Token (14 Total)
  • World Tree Leaves (61 Total)
  • Sea Bounty (44 Total)
  • Mokoko Seeds (1209 Total)

Details about all these collectibles can be found in the Collectibles menu. But just like Mokoko Seeds, these optional items come with a variety of benefits and are usually more than worth the effort it takes to find them.

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