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You can get Fortnite skins by buying Marvel comics

Fortnite and Marvel are no strangers to collaboration, so it comes as no surprise that the two properties are teaming up for a crossover comic series. What does come as a surprise is that you can get exclusive in-game cosmetics by buying issues, adding a little incentive for Fortnite players to venture into the world of comics.

FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

Fortnite: Zero War is the new comic series that unites the worlds of Marvel and Fortnite, bringing the new cast of Fortnite‘s Chapter Three to Marvel’s comic book universe. Unlike the the in-game Fortnite crossovers where Marvel characters are thrown into the mix to become marketing icons, there’s an actual reason for the clash in the comics. But the companies haven’t left a lucrative marketing opportunity on the sidelines, as shown by the redeemable cosmetics.

All Fortnite: Zero War cosmetics:

#1 – Spider-Man-based Outfit
#2 – Iron Man-based Wrap
#3 – Wolverine-based Pickaxe
#4 – Spray based on Zero War
#5 – Loading Screen based on Zero War

The Spray and Loading Screen are exclusive to the comic. #Fortnite

— Fortnite News 💥 (@FortniteBR) April 22, 2022

By collecting first-print issues of this five-part comic series, players can redeem codes for various cosmetics that can be used in the game. These cosmetics include skins, sprays, pickaxes, loading screens, and more. There is also a final bonus outfit that comes from collecting all issues and redeeming all the previous cosmetics.

Marvel has confirmed that you don’t only have to buy physical paperback editions of the comics to unlock the exclusive cosmetics. Players can also go to the official Marvel Comics app to purchase issues of Fortnite: Zero War.

The series begins running in June and is set for monthly releases.Anyone wanting to chase down all the cosmetics within the pages should be on the lookout from then until October 2022.

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