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PUBG developer apologizes for myriad issues amid fight against DDoS attacks

PUBG Corp. published an apology to players for the myriad issues that have plagued PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the past few months, which were partly due to the developer’s ongoing fight against DDoS attacks.

PUBG Corp. reiterated that taking down cheaters in the battle royale shooter remains one of the developer’s top priorities, and promised that more information on its efforts against cheating will be shared in early March.

The developer then acknowledged the performance problems that have been reported by PUBG players, including FPS drops, stuttering, and crashing, and that these issues have been escalating since the game’s January update.

PUBG Corp. said that while its development team is hard at work in solving these problems, the difficulty lies in the fact that some issues only affect certain hardware, while other issues only happen in situations that are hard to replicate. This highlights the importance of the replay files and system data that players send to PUBG Corp., as this helps the developers identify the causes of the problems.

PUBG. Corp then explained that its development team has been bolstering the game’s DDoS defenses, as the intensity of such attacks increased “to a level we hadn’t experienced before” in November 2019. The DDoS attacks further escalated in February.

The developer is working on its own DDoS defense system but has also been looking for security options from external providers. Testing these options resulted in network issues for certain PUBG players, as their server locations were far from standard locations. Many players also experienced constant packet loss issues due to the deployment of experimental DDoS defenses.

PUBG. Corp explained that the tests were kept a secret so that DDoS attackers would not know that they were ongoing. However, the developer shared the good news that it has been able to reduce the impact of DDoS attacks by almost 85% and that it is gathering information so that it can take legal action against the people behind the incidents.

Meanwhile, PUBG Corp. is preparing to roll out Update 6.2 for consoles, which will enable the Cross Party Play feature so that friends on different consoles will be able to team up in a single party.

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