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Add 1TB of storage to your PS5 with this SSD and save 40%

Samsung 990 PRO SSD over a dark background.

It turns out the best PS5 games of today can take up some serious space on your machine, especially if you save to a new slot each time, giving yourself an out in case something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, this deal, a part of Amazon’s event, can alleviate this problem almost completely. It’s the Samsung 990 Pro, a 1 TB SSD that is also compatible with the PS5. You can get this, one of the best Samsung deals coming out of the October Prime event, for only $90. That’s a saving of $60 off of the normal price, available to you if you just tap the button below.

Why you should buy the Samsung 990 Pro

The Samsung 990 Pro is an NVMe hard drive, which our SSD buying guide will remind you is faster, smaller, and slimmer than the other popular SATA format. This hard drive also contains a heatsink, a thermal control feature that, as a result of a nickel-coated controller, prevents performance drops from the SSD overheating.

[Note: This is an actual hard drive, not a memory card. While that might sound scary, it is not scary. Follow our PS5 external hard drive guide for more information.]

If this isn’t your first time using a Samsung Pro line hard drive, you might be curious about how the new iteration compares to older stuff. In our deep dive into the Samsung 990 Pro, we gave extra attention to comparing the 990 Pro vs the 980 Pro. At first glance, the two 1 TB hard drives might appear super similar, but the read and write speeds of the 990 Pro are significantly faster, especially when you need random reads instead of sequential. All of this is to say, you will be able to pop into (and out of) your game quite fast with the Samsung 990 Pro.

To grab your extra storage at a great price, tap the button below. There, you’ll find the Samsung 990 Pro for just $90, which is $60 down from the usual $150. Once you’ve got it in your hands your save storage woes will be cured. At least, they will be until you check out our favorite PS5 game deals and start working your way towards a storage problem again.

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