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Scorn: how to solve the spinning puzzle in act 2

By the time you reach the second act in Scorn, you should be prepared for how obtuse this game is. Nothing is made clear, and the game trusts you to simply intuit what you need to do either through trial and error or luck. While there is some combat in the game, your main sticking points will come down to the puzzles that you face in each act. Act two's puzzle is one of the more involved in the game.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach act 2

  • Spinning puzzle tool

Instead of just a single puzzle, Scorn throws a series of spinning puzzles at you when you make it to act two. You will need to solve four individual puzzles before you can interact with the main controls you see after making your way inside the glowing red room. Here, you will pick up the cylindrical device you need to interact with these puzzles off a dead body. With it in hand, here's how to solve each of the spinning puzzles in Scorn act 2.

A spinning puzzle in scorn.

How to solve the first sliding puzzle

The first sliding puzzle is right beside the body you grab the device off of.

Step 1: Spin the dial left twice.

Step 2: Hit the "use" button on the notch.

Step 3: Spin the dial right four times.

Step 4: Hit the "use" button on the notch.

Step 5: Spin the dial left once.

Step 6: Hit the "use" button on the last notch.

Step 7: Spin the dial left once so all three are lined up vertically.

Spinning a puzzle device in scorn.

How to solve the second and third spinning puzzles

The issue with the next puzzles is that the notches you're trying to line up will be moving on their own, making it impossible to give specific directions on how to solve it. However, there is a trick to figuring it out.

Step 1: Watch the notches and see where they stop.

Step 2: When a notch stops, it will make a clicking sound.

Step 3: Line the dial up with where the notches will stop and hit "use" at the right time.

Step 4: Do them in the same order as the first puzzle, starting with the outer ring and moving to the inner rings.

Step 5: Once you have all three, bring them to the top to solve the puzzles.

How to solve the final spinning puzzle

The last spinning puzzle is also impossible to give specific instructions for. Once again, the rings will spin and make clicking sounds when the notches are able to be interacted with, only now, the last notch will be invisible.

Step 1: Repeat the same tactics as puzzles two and three.

Step 2: When you only have the final notch, position your dial on the lower left side.

Step 3: Wait for the click and grab it.

Step 4: Complete the puzzle as normal.

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