How to get the Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Want the Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Here's how to get it

Users have reported corrupted save data after downloading Piranha Plant and using the fighter in All-Star mode. Avoid doing so for now and back up your save data in advance.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched in December with a roster of more than 70 characters, including multiple newcomers and every fighter ever featured in the series to date. It’s an impressive lineup, but it will be bolstered by another soon — the Piranha Plant. The fighter can slam multiple times in a row into enemies, spit projectiles and poison, and unleash a spring-powered long-distance attack, among other moves, and its Final Smash is none other than the famous Petey Piranha.


You don’t need to spend any extra cash to get the Piranha Plant, but you do have to follow a few steps to make sure you receive it. Here’s how to get the Piranha Plant DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

How to get Piranha Plant with a retail copy

If you are planning on buying the retail version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, ensure you do so before January 31, as this will be the last day you are eligible to receive a free Piranha Plant fighter in the game. You must have an active Nintendo Account, and you need to have access to the email address associated with the account.

  • Insert the game card into your Nintendo Switch and select the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tile on the main menu.
  • Hit the “+” button on the controller, and select “My Nintendo Rewards Program” then “Earn Points.”
  • As long as Nintendo points haven’t been claimed for the game card yet, you will have them credited to your account and your game card will be registered. If the code has already been claimed, you’ll get a pop-up alert telling you so.
  • Now, you wait. Nintendo will send you an email with a download code. The company says on its website that this process can take 10 days, but we received our code in less than a week.
  • Head to the Nintendo eShop by selecting the gift bag icon on the bottom of the main menu, and scroll down until you see “Enter Code.” Plug in the code you were sent in your email, and you are good to go!

You have until June 30, 2019 to enter the code you received, so don’t fret if you forget to plug it in right away!

How to get Piranha Plant with a digital copy

Want to make things a little easier for yourself? If you buy the digital version of the game before 11:59 p.m. PT on January 31, you will automatically receive the Piranha Plant character when it’s made available. Since the purchase is made through your Nintendo Account, no extra registration or code redemption is required!

Open the game

As of January 29, those who have registered their copy of the game will automatically download Piranha Plant upon starting up the game. Ensure you have downloaded the most recent update, and the fighter should pop up on-screen immediately before reaching the main menu.

Miss out?

If you missed out on your chance to redeem a code or purchase the digital version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by January 31, you aren’t completely out of luck. The character will also be available as a paid downloadable fighter later on. This character won’t be included in the Fighters Pass, which features new heroes like Joker from Persona 5, so you won’t have to drop too much cash in order to get it.

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