Xbox 360-exclusive Medal Of Honor Warfighter beta arrives this week

Medal Of Honor Warfighter beta

For all of the gaming world’s collective griping about our modern abundance of cookie-cutter urban warfare simulations, it’s been nearly a full year since we’ve seen a new title in the subgenre hit store shelves. Thus, with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rapidly evaporating from the short term memories of twitch-shooter fans, EA has decided now would be a great time to debut its next big first-person title. Well, sort of.

While Medal Of Honor Warfighter is still scheduled to make its official retail debut on October 23, EA has decided to simultaneously test the game’s performance and stability, while also giving prospective players a glimpse of what the full game will entail. On October 5 (a mere two days from now), a beta test version of the game will be available for download to anyone who owns an Xbox 360, totally free of charge. When EA sent out this announcement earlier today, that seemed like positive news for Xbox 360 owners, but made us curious as to whether or not there would be any additional stipulations on this offer not mentioned in the initial press release. Specifically, we wondered if the beta would be available to all Xbox 360 owners, or only those with Xbox Live Gold memberships (as is often the case). We reached out to EA, and the company confirmed that “like all multiplayer focused demos/betas on Xbox LIVE, you are required to have a gold membership.”

As for what you can expect to see in this beta test, EA’s announcement does a pretty solid job of covering all of the relevant bases:

Powered by the advanced technology of the Frostbite 2 game engine, the beta will feature a brand new multiplayer mode called Hotspot, where players attack and defend randomly-selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia. Inspired by real life operations, players team-up in pairs using the game’s unique co-op Fireteam system for a competitive advantage on the battlefield. Gamers can choose from among 12 Tier 1 units including the British SAS, German KSK, Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group, Korean UDT and U.S. Navy SEAL as they represent their elite Special Forces online. But, it doesn’t end there. Gamers can also select from over 193 nations through the built-in metagame, Warfighter Nations, powered by Battlelog, to see who really is top dog.

It’s at this point in the PR blast that things get a bit odd, as apparently those who join the Warfighter beta test will be aiding in efforts to “unlock” a new music video from apparently extant rap-rock collective Linkin Park. EA currently plans to release the video for “Castle Of Glass” on October 10, but is willing to issue it a bit early if the Warfighter beta can attract three million downloads. Whether that serves as impetus to try the beta, or ample reason to avoid the thing depends entirely on your feelings toward the the group’s angsty, yet commercially successful musical stylings.

Confusing promotional tie-ins aside though, EA also included a pretty extensive video of the beta in action which you can find embedded below. It doesn’t really cover any information that we haven’t mentioned above, but it is new footage and who can resist watching well-rendered explosions?

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