Zynga and get Amex team up; buy Farmville goods with Amex Rewards

zynga-farmville-logo-opening-screenAmerican Express is the first financial services provider to offer reward redemptions for virtual games.

“Our relationship with Zynga, one of the key players in the digital space, marks a new redemption category for American Express and reflects our ongoing commitment to expanding and deepening the value we offer customers online,” said Dan Schulman, Group President Enterprise Growth, American Express. “With millions of Cardmembers looking to use Membership Rewards points, Zynga can now offer our loyal customer base an exciting new way to engage with their popular social games.”

Cardmembers enrolled in the Membership Rewards program can use points to purchase Zynga game cards, as well as a variety of virtual goods, such as uniquely designed FarmVille manors, Café World stoves, and YoVille roadsters.

“Our partnership with American Express marks the first time that virtual goods are available for purchase with rewards points and reinforces our commitment to offer consumers meaningful experiences that enhance their game play,” said Vishal Makhijani, SVP of Business Operations at Zynga. “Cardmembers can instantly redeem their reward points to purchase limited edition virtual goods for their favorite Zynga games.”

Zynga and American Express will continue to expand the offers to cardmembers over the holidays. On December 6 another 20 virtual goods will be made available including the FrontierVille Fancy Gold Hot Tub, FrontierVille Fancy Gold Fountain, Treasure Isle Zebra, and FarmVille Golden Retriever. Also on December 6, Cardmembers will be able to redeem for specific game cards for FarmVille, FrontierVille, YoVille, Café World – all will be made available in both physical and virtual game cards.

Cardmembers can begin redeeming Membership Rewards points for Zynga virtual goods and game cards immediately. Learn more here.