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Save $375 or more with this incredible LG OLED TV and sound bar deal

LG S95QR soundbar seen in front of a TV.

This content was produced in partnership with LG Electronics.

You need two things to set up an awesome home theater, or rather, there are two facets to the experience: video and audio. With the right TV, you’ll be watching gorgeous visuals at fluid framerates, even with lots of action on screen. But to truly make it immersive, and take it to the next level, you’ll need to pair that TV with a suitable audio or surround system. Well, thanks to LG’s current deal, you can hit two birds with one stone, and save an incredible $375 in the process. That’s because LG is currently offering a discount, on top of existing deals, when you bundle a qualifying TV, like an LG OLED, with the .

We’ll explore some of the eligible TVs below, but for now, just know that this offer allows you to save a ton on a bundle that includes both an OLED TV, and an exceptional surround system complete with a sound bar, rear speakers, and a subwoofer. If you’re planning to spend more time indoors this summer because of the heat, this bundle can really make your entertainment worthwhile.

Why You Should Shop the LG OLED TV and S95QR Sound Bar Deal

The first thing you’ll notice is that many of the eligible LG OLED TVs are already on sale, so you’re getting a discount on top of a discount, which you really can’t beat. For example, the with LG’s AI ThinQ technology built-in is $800 off, so instead of the normal $4,200, you’ll pay $3,400. However, when you bundle that with LG’s S95QR Sound Bar, as part of this offer, you’ll save an additional $375. It’s also worth noting the LG S95QR Sound Bar is $500 off right now too, down from $1,800 normally to $1,300. These are some fantastic deals we’re talking about here.

Some of the other TVs included as part of this offer are the , which is $1,200 off, the with ThinQ AI, for $700 off, and the for $100 off.

As for why you might want to grab this bundle, the LG S95QR 9.1.5 channel High-Resolution Audio Sound Bar features Dolby Atmos and includes both surround speakers and a subwoofer. Powerful doesn’t even begin to describe what this system is capable of. The 810 watts will deliver incredible clear dialogue, room-filling and immersive audio for action scenes, and punchy music when it kicks in. The audio truly sounds like it’s coming from every direction with up-firing height channels thanks to the unique speakers. The sound bar offers a bitrate of nearly three times that of CD quality, with 24-bit and 96kHz resolutions, and it’s all transmittable via Bluetooth. That means you can also pair your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth devices to the sound bar to playback even more content.

When paired with any of the qualifying and compatible LG OLED TVs, the sound system can tap into the TV’s processor to optimize sound quality, filling virtually any room or environment with the appropriate audio. Gamers will love the experience too, thanks to the variable refresh rate and ALLM (audio low latency mode) passthrough for enhanced onscreen action with minimal tearing and screen issues, and no audio lag whatsoever.

The best way to find out what LG OLED TV matches your needs is to browse the sale, but don’t forget to add both the qualifying TV and the sound bar to your cart — they have to be purchased together during one transaction to get the discounts. The promotion is valid through December 31, 2023, saving you $375 when you bundle the LG S95QR 9.1.5 channel Sound Bar with your choice of qualifying LG OLED TV. This deal is an excellent opportunity to outfit your home theater with immersive sound, and amazing entertainment experiences, all while saving quite a bit of money. Don’t miss out.

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