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Perfect for the Super Bowl: Save $3,000 on this 98-inch TCL TV today

TCL 98-inch S Class S5 4K TV.

NFL fans, it’s about time that you take advantage of TV deals because Super Bowl LVIII is fast approaching. Here’s an offer that you should consider if you’re willing to splurge on a gigantic display — the 98-inch TCL S5 Series 4K TV for $2,000, following an eye-catching $3,000 discount from Best Buy on its original price of $5,000. It’s still not cheap, but that’s an amazing price for such a huge screen, which will be perfect for watching the big game.

If you’re planning to throw a Super Bowl LVIII watch party, this is the TV that you want to buy. Everyone will enjoy an amazing big screen experience in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re looking forward to finding out who wins between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, or you’re just there to watch the halftime show and the commercials. In any case, the 98-inch TCL S5 Series 4K TV needs to be delivered before Feb. 11, so there’s no time to waste — complete the purchase immediately.

Why you should buy the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV

The obvious selling point to the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV is its huge display. It’s the kind of size where it’s really important to check what size TV to buy that will suit your living space as it could potentially swamp the room. Once you’ve checked that, you’ll love the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV. Its huge 98-inch panel offers a 120Hz refresh rate so it’s capable of handling the fast moving action of the Super Bowl and anything else too.

With Motion Rate 480 technology with MEMC Frame Insertion, it also combines multiple motion enhancements for best-in-class motion clarity, while there’s a wide color gamut for richer colors. Adding to the many reasons why TCL is one of the best TV brands, the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV also adds on HDR Ultra features like Dolby Vision IQ support, as well as HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG.

Want even more? Well, you’ll love the high brightness direct LED backlight which gives you a better and brighter set of visuals, while gamers will appreciate the auto game mode with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro so you get the lowest possible input lag and latency. Game Accelerator 240 functionality gives you 240 VRR too.

Other features include TCL’s AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI so that non-4K content is intelligently optimized to look better, while there are three HDMI inputs including one eARC which is great for hooking up your soundbar or AV receiver.

Packed with great features while also being a huge TV, the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV may not feature in our look at the best TVs but it’s still well worth your time if you want the ultimate experience watching the Super Bowl.

Usually priced at $5,000, the TCL 98-inch S5 S-Class 4K TV is down to $2,000 at Best Buy. For anyone seeking a huge TV for less than usual, this is a pretty sweet deal. We’re expecting to only be available for a short period of time so if it’s for you, hit the buy button now before you miss out.

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