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Amazon is having a huge sale on batteries — AA, AAA, and more

AmazonsBasics AA batteries being inserted into a game controller.

We all need batteries. We may be getting closer and closer to a fully rechargeable world, but certain things still operate on good old fashioned AAs. TV remotes, smoke detectors, alarm clocks — the list goes on. Batteries are never a fun purchase, but they’re necessary. Stocking up on them while there is a big sale is a great way to save some money and forget about them for a while. Right now Amazon is having one of those sales. All of their big deals on the Amazon Basics brand batteries. For the most part, batteries are batteries, so these will do you just fine. We pulled out some of the deals we like down below, but you should shop the full sale for yourself.

The best deals in the Amazon battery sale

Amazon Basics is a line of simple products that Amazon slaps their own label onto. Think of it as the Trader Joe’s brand of home goods, or the Kroger brand knockoff of your favorite cereal. Nearly every size of Amazon Basics battery is discounted as part of this sale. For instance, the go-to battery that you’ll need for practically every device is the AA. Amazon is selling an for just over $4. A savings of almost $2 doesn’t sound like much, but it is 29% off, and that adds up. Since AA batteries are used in nearly every battery-powered device, you should consider just a dozen packs and not worrying about whether you have batteries for the next few years. AAA batteries are another common one. Amazon is only discounting the , but these will save you money anyways. As long as you remember to always have some charging, you won’t have to buy new batteries for a very long time.

C batteries are a little less common. Because of that, we seem to never have them around when we need them. Amazon is discounting both the regular alkaline C batteries and the rechargeable C batteries. A is basically the same price as a , but considering you can recharge them 1,000 times each, the rechargeables will definitely save you money.

Some other batteries discounted during this sale are the massive D batteries, , and the tiny CR1632 lithium coin cell batteries, . Click the big red button below to shop the sale yourself. Just make sure to recycle your dead batteries when you’re done with them!

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AmazonsBasics AA batteries being inserted into a game controller.

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