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Amazon drops Pre-Prime Day 2019 prices on Ring Smart Lighting Floodlights

Shoppers looking for bargains on smart home security lighting don’t have to wait till July 15 when the 48-hour Prime Day begins. Amazon rolls out Pre-Prime Day deals to build excitement for the big sales event. Among the currently available early

bargains on Alexa-compatible smart home devices

are both




versions of Ring’s Smart Lighting Floodlight Starter Kit.

To be sure there’s no confusion, Ring’s Smart Lighting Floodlights do not include a security camera or two-way talk, both of which are included with the

Ring Floodlight Cam

, available only as a wired device. The Floodlight Cam is four to five times more expensive than Ring’s Smart Lighting Floodlights. But you don’t always need a camera on motion-activated floodlights, especially if you already have or plan to install a video doorbell or separate outdoor security cameras. Whether you choose the wired or battery-powered version of the Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight Starter Kit, with either choice you can save $30 with these deals.

Ring Smart Lighting Wired Floodlight Starter Kit

— $30 off

The Ring Smart Lighting Wired Floodlight Starter Kit includes the motion-activated floodlight and a Ring Bridge. A Ring Bridge is required for any Ring smart home products installed in or outside your home. The Bridge connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network, and one Bridge can manage any Ring devices in your smart home set up, including lights, cameras, video doorbells, and alarm systems. After you install the Bridge, you can connect and customize Ring products, set up notifications sent to your smartphone, and configure Ring devices to work with Alexa voice control.

The Wired Floodlight in this starter kit connects to a standard electrical box for a hardwired installation. If you already have a regular light connect to an electrical box outside your garage, for example, you should be able to connect the Ring Wired Floodlight to the box — although you may want to have an electrician do the installation.

The Wired Floodlight shines with a combined 2,000 lumens of brightness, more than three times the brightness of the battery-operated version. With the wired connection, you also don’t have to be concerned about replacing batteries. The Wired Floodlight’s motion detector senses movement up to 70 feet away.

When the Floodlight’s sensor detects motion, the light turns on automatically and the Ring Bridge sends an alert to your phone, tablet, or Alexa devices. If you find the light turns on too often, like every time it detects a leaf or a rabbit moving, you can adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity in the Ring mobile app. You can also use the app to connect multiple Ring devices, so when one light detects motion, all of the connected lights around your home turn on.

Normally priced at $120, the Ring Smart Lighting Wired Floodlight Starter Kit is just $90 for this Pre-Prime Day sale. If you want a motion-activated smart floodlight that never needs new batteries, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of an attractive price.

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Ring Smart Lighting Battery-Powered Floodlight Starter Kit

— $30 off

The Ring Smart Lighting Battery-Powered Floodlight Starter Kit has several advantages over the wired version above. You don’t need to connect the battery-operated floodlight to an electrical box for power, so installation is simpler and more flexible in that you can install it almost anywhere, and also possibly less expensive because you won’t need to hire an electrician to install it. The wireless Floodlight requires 4 D-cell batteries with an estimated one-year battery life with normal use, according to Ring.

The Ring Battery-Powered Floodlight Starter Kit includes the required Ring Bridge, so you could start with this kit and then add other Ring wired and wireless devices to work with the same Bridge.

Less powerful than the wired version, the battery-operated floodlight shines 600 lumens of brightness. When all you’re hoping to accomplish is to scare off intruders or provide a little helpful light when you approach your home, that brightness level could be sufficient. The other difference between the two versions is the battery-operated floodlight’s motion detector has a 45-foot range, shorter than the wired version’s 70 feet.

Usually $100, the Ring Smart Lighting Battery-Powered Floodlight Starter Kit is just $70 during this sale. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install motion-activated smart floodlight, jump on this excellent deal.

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