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Amazon Show 5 vs. Google Nest Hub: Which Prime Day deal is better?

Comparing Prime Day deals for smart home devices takes into account the platforms they run on. For our Prime Day focus, that means Amazon’s Echo Alexa ecosystem or Google Nest’s Google Assistant network. When we compared the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini, we focused on their roles as the most common gateways to their respective platforms. Comparing the Prime Day deals for the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 5, however, stacks up the smart displays’ features, performance, and prices.

The Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show 5 are their brand’s smallest full-function smart displays, but not the only models. On May 7, Google Nest announced the Nest Hub Max, a smart display with a 10-inch touchscreen. The Nest Hub Max is due to launch later this summer with a $229 list price, slated to compete with the Echo Show.

The second-generation

Echo Show with a 10.1-inch display

lists for $230 (on sale for $160 during Prime Day). The Echo Spot, on sale from its $130 list price only in multiples, has a tiny 2.5-inch 480 by 480 resolution display capable of showing faces during video calls, livestreaming security cameras, and viewing lists and calendars. Amazon refers to the Spot as

a smart alarm clock


Here’s how the Google Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show 5 compare:

Google Nest Hu

— $70 off

The Google Nest Hub was initially called the Google Home Hub. The name changed in May when Google pulled its formerly independent Nest brand in with the Google’s Home group to form Google Nest.

The Nest Hub has a 7-inch touchscreen display with a single full-range speaker. The 1,024 x 600-resolution display has capacitive touch sensors, and a two-microphone array uses far-field voice recognition for hands-free operation of the Hub and connected smart home devices. The hub senses ambient light brightness and color temperature and adjusts the display to match both.

The Nest Hub does not have a camera, which scores points with users concerned about privacy and security who do not want to take chances with device cameras. On the other hand, if you receive video calls, you can see them, but they can’t see you. The Nest Hub’s screen is too small for most to watch videos comfortably. You can, however, watch YouTube videos with the Nest Hub, something you can’t do with Echo smart displays.

Normally priced $149, the Google Nest Hub is just $70 during Google Week. If you want a Google Assistant-compatible smart display, Google and Walmart took a hefty slice of the Nest Hub’s price to help you buy one.

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Amazon Echo Show 5

— $40 off

The Echo Show 5’s 5.5-inch touchscreen display has a 960 x 480 resolution. The display has an ambient sunrise features so you can start off your day with gradually brightening screen if you use the Show 5 in your bedroom. The display’s twin-mic array and integrated speaker work well for voice calls. The Show 5’s 1-megapixel camera allows Skype video calls with two-way video, unlike the Nest Hub’s incoming-only video. Amazon’s response to privacy concerns, beyond software configuration, is a manual shutter that slides to cover the camera lens. You can’t watch YouTube videos on the Show 5, an ability it cedes to the Nest Hub. Other than YouTube, if you want to watch videos on the small screen you can, although that is not the design focus. Video and graphic components of Alexa Skills, coordinating and controlling smart home devices such as security camera, smart thermostats, and smart lighting are the Show 5’s strong points.

Usually $90, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is just $50 during Prime Day. If you’re looking for a smart display to add a video component to your smart home network, this is a chance to buy the Show 5 at an excellent price.

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