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Mattamy Homes and Ecobee join forces to build smart homes of the future

Home builder Mattamy Homes and home automation company Ecobee are partnering to cultivate the smart homes of the future, according to a Calgary Sun report.

Beginning in March, all Mattamy Homes in North America will come equipped with the voice-controlled smart Wi-Fi-enabled Ecobee4 thermostat. The ecobee4 has a room sensor and is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant in Amazon’s line of Echo devices, meaning the thermostat’s functions can be controlled directly by speaking to Alexa.

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It’s estimated that Mattamy Homes builds 7,000 homes across the continent every year, and the company says it is the largest residential home builder in Canada, where it is represented in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottowa, Calgary, and Edmonton. In the United States, Mattamy Homes already has developments in ten markets, including Phoenix, Arizona; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Mattamy’s founder and CEO Peter Gilgan believes the partnership will further the advancement of the smart home sector.

“Mattamy and Ecobee are leaders in our respective industries in terms of innovation, and we’re extremely excited about the opportunities that this unique partnership is going to offer our organizations, the industry and consumers,” said Gilgan. “Ecobee’s products and team members are intensely focused on creating not only innovative solutions but also great experiences for families. As such, our goals and values align perfectly, and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

Mattamy also believes the collaboration will give homeowners a smooth transition as they embark on turning their homes smart, as ecobee thermostats can lower users’ electricity bills and help them conserve energy. According to ecobee, users can also remotely optimize their homes’ HVAC schedule and create a more comfortable living environment.

“Our collaboration with Mattamy will give homeowners easy entry into the smart home and a new way to save money and lower their impact on the environment,” said Stuart Lombard, founder and CEO of the Toronto-headquartered ecobee. “Mattamy is on its way to becoming North America’s leading builder of sustainable homes and communities that are economical, energy efficient, innovative, and healthy. This partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to drive value, savings, and efficiency for our customers.”

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