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Ring Video Doorbell Wired vs. Video Doorbell Pro 2

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired and Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 are both wired-in video doorbell solutions, but what’s the difference between them, and is one a more worthwhile buy than the other? We evaluate the specs and features in a side-by-side comparison. If you want to dig into what else is out there from Ring, be sure to check out our Ring Video Doorbell buying guide to see which is best for you.

At a glance

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro
Ring Video Doorbell Wired
Design Rectangular, 4.49 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide and 0.87 inches thick Rectangular, 3.98 inches tall by 1.8 inches wide and 0.88 inches thick
Features Live video, night vision, 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View, HD audio with noise cancellation, works with Alexa Two-way audio, live video, alerts, night vision, advanced motion detection, works with Alexa, easy install, bypasses chime, save/review/share recordings (with subscription)
Specs 150-degree field of view, 1536p HD video with Head-to-Toe sighting 155-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical field of view, takes video in 1080p resolution
Price $250 $60
Subscription Starts at $3 per month; highest tier is $10 per month Starts at $3 per month; highest tier is $10 per month
Installation requirements Standard doorbell system, Ring plug-in adapter or transformer with 10-24 VAC, 40VA max, easy to self-install, chime sold separately Standard doorbell system, Ring plug-in adapter or transformer with 10-24 VAC, 40VA max, easy to self-install, chime sold separately

Power and installation

ring video doorbell wired, how to, installBoth of these doorbells are hard-wired, meaning you will need existing doorbell wiring for them to work correctly. The good news is most homes have the simple wiring already installed, making installation easy. If you don’t have the necessary wiring, contact an electrician or choose a different video doorbell solution.

As long as you have the wiring, you should be able to perform the installation yourself. How do you install Ring Video Doorbells like these? You just shut off the power to the door area, disconnect the old doorbell, connect the two low-voltage wires, and then affix the doorbell to the wall or trim. In most cases, this will be a simple and quick installation or swap.

With the Pro 2, you can use your existing doorbell chime and attach the included Pro Kit. With the Video Doorbell Wired, you bypass your doorbell’s chime and use your phone or Alexa devices to receive notification that someone’s at the door. You can also add on a chime to your Ring Video Doorbell Wired for an additional cost.

To learn a bit more about how these devices are installed, read our guide to installing Ring Video Doorbell Wired here.

Winner: Tie

Video resolution

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Video resolution is the sharpness and clarity of the video feed from your doorbell camera. Most doorbell cameras on the market are HD (1080p) and provide a crisp, detailed video view.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired has HD video with night vision; however, the new Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 adjusts the resolution slightly to make it 1536p HD video (plus night vision), giving it just a touch more sharpness. The resolution upgrade also goes along with a feature, dubbed Head-to-Toe Video, that lets you see not just a midlevel view, but up higher and down lower to the ground, meaning you should be able to tell if a box has been left on your doorstep.

Winner: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2With increased resolution and Head-to-Toe viewing, we like Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 has some upgraded features and some additional capabilities over the basic-but-effective Ring Video Doorbell Wired.

While Ring Video Doorbell Wired has HD video, two-way talk, motion detection and alerts, plus smart home and digital assistant compatibility, the new Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 goes beyond this.

Unlike the Ring Doorbell Wired, the Pro 2 will sound your existing doorbell chime. It also adds HD audio for a more natural talking experience, the resolution is slightly better, plus (as noted above) it has 3D Motion Detection.

3D M0tion Detection uses radar to measure the distance of an object, so the camera only starts recording once someone is within your chosen range. Ring says 3D Motion Detection provides better motion alerts, decreasing unnecessary alerts while still providing timely notifications.

Winner: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
While Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a fine product, the edge here goes to the additional technology and viewing options of Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

Size & Design

Ring Video Doorbel Pro with Two-way TalkThese two video doorbells look very similar. They’re both small, narrow, and largely unobtrusive. They’ll both fit in small spaces easily, though Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is a hair taller. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 measures 4.49 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide and 0.87 inch thick, while Ring Video Doorbell Wired measures 3.98 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide, and 0.88 inches thick

Winner: Tie
With a similar design, both of these doorbells will be a good choice for small areas.


For those just entering the video doorbell market, price may be a major consideration. After all, no one wants to drop big bucks on brand-new technology only to be disappointed. When comparing these two video doorbells, there is a substantial difference in price.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired sells for $60, while Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 sells for $250. Whether this difference in cost is worth it for you will depend on a couple of factors: Do you need a wider field of view and Head-to-Toe video? Is a small increase in resolution and the addition of HD audio worth it for you? Do you want sound your existing doorbell’s chime, or are you OK with using Alexa for notifications? How important are additional bells and whistles? For the most part, most users would probably feel pretty good about going with the Ring Video Doorbell Wired. It has all the features you need at a fraction of the cost. If you are upgrading from a more basic or older doorbell and are looking for alerts and features you can dial in a little more precisely, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is for you.

Winner: Ring Video Doorbell Wired
On a purely value-oriented basis, Ring Video Doorbell Wired gives you probably 80% of the features and functionality of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, making it our winner in the price category.

Overall winner

Ring Video Doorbell WiredRing Video Doorbell Wired

This one is purely a judgement call and for us. The outstanding value of Ring Video Doorbell Wired makes it our overall pick. These two doorbells are tied on a lot of factors, including design, size, and functionality, but when it comes to overall value for money, you can’t go wrong with the new Ring Video Doorbell Wired.

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