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The best Google Pixel 3a XL screen protectors

The Google Pixel 3a XL has one of the most beautiful screens you’ll find on a midrange smartphone. If you’re not careful, though, that beautiful screen could crack or shatter, ruining your device. Thankfully, a screen protector can keep your device protected from the hazards of daily life.

Read on as we take a closer look at the top screen protectors available for the Pixel 3a XL, so you can keep your precious phone safe from damage.

Spigen Glas.Tr Glass Protector

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Turning to one of the most well-known names in protective cases is a good idea when looking for screen protection, and the Spigen Glas.Tr Glass Protector is a solid choice. It’s made from 9H-rated tempered glass, making it a strong choice for resisting scratches from keys, coins, or grit, and it should hold together well against a range of abuses. It’s cut to fit every Spigen case for the Pixel 3a XL, making this a great choice if you’re rocking a Spigen case. It’s a twin pack, too, making it a great value proposition.

Peel Glass Protector

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The Peel Glass Protector is known for its cases that are so thin you forget they’re there, and its screen protector is clearly defined by a similar ethos. It’s made from glass that emulates the original feeling of your Pixel 3a XL’s display and doesn’t impair your view either, thanks to its sensitivity and clarity. It has an edge-to-edge design that complements a Peel case perfectly, adding to the seamless design of both. It’s a good choice if you hate being reminded you’re using a screen protector — but keep in mind it’s also quite expensive compared to other similar protectors.

Otterbox Amplify Glass Protector

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The Otterbox name has long been synonymous with smartphone protection, and it teamed up with Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass, to create the Amplify screen protector. It’s made from high-strength aluminosilicate, and Otterbox claims it offers up to five times greater scratch-resistance than soda lime glass screen protectors. The strong glass protects against drops as well as scratches, and it’s backed by Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty. The Otterbox Amplify Glass Protector even comes with a selection of tools to make installing it a breeze. The only real issue is the high price, which could easily put you off. Still, it’s an excellent choice if you can take the hit to your finances.

RhinoShield Impact Protection Film Protector

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Film screen protectors aren’t usually as protective as glass screen protectors, but Rhinoshield bucks that trend in a number of ways. The Impact protector is made from a film that is as thin as three sheets of printer paper, but Rhinoshield claims it’s able to take five times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3, thanks to the inclusion of a specially designed shock-damping material. It also comes with an oleophobic coating to help keep it clean, is highly scratch-resistant, and the adhesive leaves behind no residue. If you want something thinner than a glass protector that’s still protective and don’t mind spending a little money to get it, the RhinoShield Film Protector may be your best shot.

InvisibleShield Glass Elite

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The Glass Elite might be the only screen protector InvisibleShield is offering for the Pixel 3a XL, but perhaps it’s all the screen protector you’ll ever need. Like the Otterbox Amplify, it’s made from aluminosilicate and boasts an impressive claim of having four times the scratch-protection of normal glass. It also offers some new tech InvisibleShield has called “ClearPrint.” This new oleophobic coating reduces the visibility of fingerprints on your screen protector by spreading the oils thinner than a regular oleophobic coating. The InvisibleShield Glass Elite also comes with its own easy install kit, along with a non-slip rubber mat. Like the Amplify, the Glass Elite is expensive, but it does come with a Worry-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty from InvisibleShield.

IQ Shield Matte Case-Friendly Film Protector — Twin Pack

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Not too fussed about protection, but wish you could do something about strong sunlight causing glare on your phone’s screen while you’re reading an ebook? There’s a screen protector for that. The IQ Shield Film Protector has been treated with a matte coating that reduces reflections, cutting down on the glare from strong lights. It also provides the same protection you’d expect from a film protector, including resistance to fingerprints and dirt, and good scratch protection. A wet installation method means it adheres close to your phone and doesn’t reduce clarity or touch sensitivity — and best of all, it’s a great value.

Olixar Glass Protector

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The strength of tempered glass doesn’t have to be expensive, and this protector from Olixar is perfect if all you want is a basic glass screen protector. Made from tempered glass, it’s strong and offers great protection against scratches. The Olixar Glass Protector should also be able to disperse some of the destructive energies from a fall. It’s treated with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and dirt, has a smooth 2.5D edge, and only adds an extra 0.33mm to your screen. While it doesn’t boast the super-strength of the Amplify, or the revolutionary tech of the Elite Glass, Olixar’s glass protector could be all the protection you need at a fraction of the cost.

SuperShieldz Clear Shield Film Protector — Six Pack

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If you just want the most value for your money, then look no further; SuperShieldz’s Clear Shield Film Protector is everything you’d expect from film. While it won’t do much to protect against drops, it provides a strong barrier against dust, dirt, and fingerprints, and offers some good scratch protection. It also comes with a coating that emulates the feel of your screen, which combines with the thin film to help you forget it’s even there. But that’s not the real selling point here — the selling point is that there’s six of them in a single pack. So if you’re constantly having to swap out your screen protector for a fresh one, pick up this six-pack to really ramp up the value.

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