Personalize your phone to suit your style with the best iPhone wallpapers

best iPhone wallpapers
Carlos Vega/Digital Trends

As an iPhone owner, are you sometimes envious of all the customization options on Android smartphones? Well, there might not be a whole lot that you can do to change iOS, but one of the things that you can do to make your iPhone stand out from the crowd and match your style is to use custom wallpapers instead of the ones Apple gives you.

Take a look at these five awesome websites where you can find some of the best iPhone wallpapers around and get your iPhone looking just the way you want it.

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best iphone wallpapers papers co is a very intuitive website to use, whether you’re on your computer or visiting on your iPhone. You will find a wide variety of categories to choose from, and when you select the wallpaper you want, there is an option to select your device for the exact right size. Each wallpaper can also be downloaded to your desktop so that you can match your iPhone with your computer if you wish. There is also a companion app for the iPhone that you can download and use right on your device.


best iphone wallpapers zedge

Zedge has a great selection of wallpapers that you can choose from, and a versatile search feature that also allows you to select your device. Once you choose, the website will remember which iPhone you have, by saving a cookie on your computer. When you do this, the website shows you wallpapers specifically for your device every time you go back. It also has a family filter on in case you’re looking for wallpapers for a minor.



best iphone wallpapers idevicewalls

The iDeviceWalls website is ideal for those looking for interesting theme-based wallpapers. With categories such as Jailbreak and Flash, you will find some very interesting wallpapers that may not be available elsewhere. The website is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is choose the wallpaper you want and save it to your camera roll. The downside is that every time you choose a wallpaper, an ad will take over the screen and you have to close it before you can save the wallpaper.

iDevice Walls


best iphone wallpapers wallpapershome

Wallpapers Home is one of the smartest websites for wallpapers you’ll find. There are many categories to choose from, the wallpapers are modern and beautiful, and it has a very simple and intuitive design. The website is easy to navigate on your iPhone or desktop. It detects your screen resolution automatically when you choose a wallpaper. So if you’re visiting the website from your iPhone, all you have to do is tap the photo, and it will pull up the correct wallpaper size.

Wallpapers Home

Wallpapers Wide

best iphone wallpapers wide website

Wallpapers Wide has a beautiful collection of wallpapers for your iPhone. There are a huge number of resolutions to choose from, or you can just filter the results by your device resolution. It also has many categories like animals, architecture, funny, vintage, and a lot more. The downside to this website is that, even though the wallpapers are of high quality, there is a watermark on the lower right of each wallpaper with the name of the website. It is low enough that is quite unintrusive, and you can certainly crop it out, but it is worth noting.

Wallpapers Wide