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Spotify IPO CEO

AT&T subscribers can now get Spotify Premium for free — here’s how

So you want free Spotify Premium, huh? Well, you're in luck — if you're an AT&T customer, that is. That's because it's offering a free Premium subscription to all its customers on select plans, as well as a six-month trial to those who aren't. Here's everything you need to know to redeem this hot deal.
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

Sprint and OnePlus are bringing a 5G phone to the U.S. soon

Sprint and OnePlus are working together to bring a 5G smartphone to the U.S. It will be the fourth 5G product available on the carrier. OnePlus already has a 5G phone in other parts of the world. It's unclear if this upcoming phone is the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, or something new.
verizon withdraw yahoo store

Verizon Unlimited plans bundle 5G, but won’t allow 1080p streaming over LTE

Verizon has just announced a new range of Unlimited plans -- a BuzzFeed-style quiz to go with them. Three of the four plans also include unlimited access to Verizon's burgeoning 5G network around the U.S., but oddly, even the most expensive of the plans doesn't seem to include 1080p streaming on LTE.

Half of Americans will have 5G by 2020, Verizon CEO claims

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told CNBC that half of Americans would have access to 5G technology by next year. He also said that half of Americans would own a 5G compatible phone by 2024. He added that 4G was a much slower process than 5G is proving to be. Verizon recently rolled out 5G in four more cities.

With a rebrand imminent, AT&T is hoping you forget what DirecTV Now was

In August, AT&T's live TV streaming service, DirecTV Now, will be known as AT&T TV Now and will get a new app to celebrate. Somehow, this will be different from AT&T TV, a separate platform that AT&T announced last week that has some kind of hardware component. Confused yet? Us too.
A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.

It’s official: Justice Department approves merger between Sprint and T-Mobile

The Department of Justice has officially approved the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, marking a significant step forward in the proposed $26 billion deal. T-Mobile and Sprint still have an uphill battle ahead of them -- 14 states have sued to block the deal.

AT&T will launch yet another streaming service, and we’re utterly confused

If three's a crowd, four must be just right -- at least if you're AT&T. The communications giant will begin trialing a new streaming service dubbed AT&T TV this summer. It's aimed at cord cutters and may use an Android TV box for simpler installations, but beyond that, details are slim.
what are scam likely phone calls sprint  t mobile

Justice Department could approve T-Mobile-Sprint merger this week, report says

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department could approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger as soon as this week. The two companies still have an uphill battle ahead of them to get the merger completed, but approval from the Justice Department would be a significant step.
t mobile revvl news

T-Mobile wants to give you a free smartphone when you add a line

Did someone say free smartphones? T-Mobile is offering free smartphones from a select range of affordable phones when a new line is opened on its Magenta tier and above. The phones on offer range from LG to T-Mobile's own, but will also include the new Samsung Galaxy A10e after July 26.
att introduces 5g evolution at amp t

AT&T accused of selling customers’ location data to bounty hunters and stalkers

AT&T was hit with a lawsuit Tuesday accusing it of selling customers’ real-time location data to third parties like credit agencies and bail guarantors, along with bounty hunters and stalkers, without having customer consent. 
t mobile sprint resume merger talks

An unknown number of Sprint customers had their personal info stolen by hackers

Some Sprint users had their information hacked from the “add a line” website, according to a letter Spring sent to impacted customers. Sprint said that they were informed of the unauthorized access on June 22.
qualcomm snapdragon 5g devices mwc 2019 phones moto z3

People are buying 5G phones when they don’t even have 5G

When it comes to highly-touted tech like 5G and the myriad of improvements it may offer our lives, we want the future here now, and not a minute later. Smartphone sales tell the same story, with three out of five cities selling the most 5G units without yet supporting the service.
Closing the Loop

Samsung, T-Mobile to recycle an old phone for every S10e sold in the Netherlands

Tackling the mountain of e-waste not recycled in Africa, Dutch company Closing the Loop has persuaded Samsung, T-Mobile, and the Dutch government to try out an offsetting scheme that sees a scrap phone properly recycled for every new phone purchased. It's a first step toward greater sustainability.

Don’t want a smartphone? Alcatel’s latest is a flip phone exclusive to Verizon

Verizon has added the Alcatel Go Flip V to its basic phone lineup, a $100 device which is exclusive to Big Red. This is the second of two Alcatel devices ever to launch on Verizon as a broader effort on Alcatel's part to wade into the U.S. market. The Go Flip V is a flip phone without smart features.
mobvoi ticwatch pro 4glte review 4g lte 20

Mobvoi’s new TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch lasts 2 to 30 days with a catch

Mobvoi may not be a household name in the U.S., but it sells affordable smartwatches running Google's Wear OS platform. The firm's next watch has been revealed, and the new TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE comes with full 4G access, even though the Verizon network access won't be ready for launch.

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart is a service plan that’s actually worth switching for

Are you looking for a new carrier, or are you open to switching if it can save you some serious cash? Sprint's new Unlimited Kickstart service, which offers unlimited text, talk, and data for just $25 per month -- and no annual contract -- might be just what you need.
Moto G7 Play Review

T-Mobile’s new Revvlry phones offer decent specs at an affordable price

T-Mobile has taken the wraps off of its latest T-Mobile branded phones, the T-Mobile Revvlry and Revvlry+. The new phones are essentially branded versions of the Motorola Moto G7 and Moto G7 Play, but they're available at an affordable price and offer some pretty decent specs for that price.
cell phone companies stop robocalls after fcc vote robo calls header

AT&T is the first carrier to turn on spam call blocking by default

AT&T has announced that it will be turning on its spam call blocking technology by default for customers over the next few months. The carrier is the first to do so, after the FCC ruled in June that carriers could enable spam call blocking by default, without fear of any legal action.
best tiny houses

Will 5G fix America’s rural broadband woes? We asked the experts

Rural Americans are by far the most under-served population when it comes to broadband access. 3 in 10 Americans in these areas don't have access. Is 5G really the answer, or do we need to look elsewhere? We asked several experts to set the record straight on rural 5G.
cloudflare att outages affect discord websites cloudflaredown

Cloudflare outage knocks out major sites and services, including Discord

Cloudfare, an international website and internet hosting platform, experience a worldwide outage earlier Tuesday. Sites and services that are hosted on the platform reported outages in countries around the world. According to Cloudfare’s system status page, service was restored within 30 minutes. 
5g capable phones manufacturers header getty

5G mobile phones: Expensive, exciting, and on the rise

As 5G tech continues to roll out in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, it promises performance improvements designed to take the smartphone and Internet of Things experience to the next level. For now, consumers appear to be waiting for better geographical and product availability before spending their cash.
T-Mobile 5G test

T-Mobile’s 5G network is blazing NYC’s lower east side. Here are our test results

T-Mobile’s 5G is finally live in the U.S., specifically in select areas of six major cities. While the only device you can use to access it costs $1,300, it won’t cost you anything more than the carrier’s existing unlimited plan. We took the Galaxy S10 5G out for a spin in New York City to test T-Mobile’s 5G download speeds.
Visibile Prepaid Unlimited

Visible is removing its 5Mbps data speed limiter (for a limited time)

Visible, the Verizon-owned carrier aimed at offering a no-frills approach to the modern carrier experience, has announced that for a limited time it is removing the 5Mbps data speed cap -- and that unlimited data speed will be available to all current customers as long as they're with Visible.
cell phone companies stop robocalls after fcc vote robo calls feat

Cell phone carriers now have the power to stop robocalls. When will they use it?

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to allow cell phone companies to block robocalls by default, but the nation's major carriers would not give specifics on if or when they would use the newfound power to protect their customers from what's become a daily annoyance.
Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van

Outdoorsy lets you buy a fully equipped camper van with just a few clicks

Outdoorsy is launching a new online platform to sell complete camper vans. The company will start with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans with conversion work done by Sportsmobile. Outdoorsy previously allowed users to rent vans only.
test sprint 5g lg v50 thinq htc hub dsc 0083 cropped

We tested Sprint’s 5G. It might not be worth an upgrade yet

Sprint has launched its 5G network, and its CEO is calling it the largest initial coverage footprint in the country. We flew down to Dallas to test it out using LG’s V50 ThinQ and HTC’s 5G Hub, both of which will be available May 31. The initial rollout includes Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Kansas City.
Simon Pagenaud wins 2019 Indy 500

How Verizon and Team Penske used 5G to help win the Indy 500

Team Penske, the most successful race team in Indy 500 history, used Verizon 5G in its bid to win the 2019 Indy 500. Modern race cars generate tons of data, and a 5G connection lets teams harvest that data faster. The Indy 500 is one of the world's oldest races, but it benefits from modern tech.
samsung microsd memory cards half off on amazon 146649b7 6541 468b a9a7 311db8ba9476  cr0 0 1500 pt0 sx300

Samsung MicroSD memory cards get massive discounts in Amazon Memorial Day deal

Most of us have felt the frustration of running out of storage space on a digital device. MicroSD memory cards increase the storage space in your smartphone, tablet, camera, and more. Score the Samsung 512GB MicroSDXC Evo Select memory card on Amazon now for $100, down from $200.
samsung galaxy s10 5g test on verizon network chicago feat

Verizon’s 5G is blazing fast on the Galaxy S10 5G, if you’re on the right block

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is finally here, so Digital Trends hit Chicago to test its capabilities on Verizon's 5G network. As with the Moto Z3 and Moto Mod, service is still limited, and there are a lot of caveats to get a perfect connection, but it's super fast. Here's what we found.

AT&T claims title as first U.S. carrier to hit 2Gbps on 5G network

AT&T became the first U.S. carrier to reach speeds of 2Gbps on its commercial 5G network, achieving the milestone using a mobile hotspot. AT&T continues to lead the charge in 5G development, though it came under fire for a marketing scheme that could cause potential confusion about the technology.
episode 117 screen shot 2019 04 25 at 11 28 53 am

Digital Trends Live: Alexa knows where you live, lab-grown meat, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss how Amazon Alexa's auditing team has access to locations, Verizon's 5G roadmap, the technology of lab-grown meat, the benefits of percussive therapy, how cloud gaming can affect the environment, a review of Sony's 8K TV, and more.
best car adapters

The best auto diagnostic tools for 2019

Sometimes called dongles, the best car adapters will diagnose what's wrong under the hood while help you keep tabs on your family and routine maintenance.
Get fios

The biggest issues with Verizon FiOS, and how to fix them

Verizon FiOS offers not just fiber internet, but TV and home phone service as well and that is a whole lot to cram into one monthly billing statement. If you're considering the service, see what problems, issues, and trouble other Verizon FiOS users have reported before you decide to sign-up.
episode 113 car2go

Digital Trends Live: Facebook data security, Ubisoft helps Notre Dame, and more

DT Live talks Facebook and Instagram security issues, Ubisoft's plan to help rebuild Notre Dame, the theft of 100 Car2Go vehicles, and more. We are also joined by Emily Teteut of littleBits and Snap the Gap, Jennifer Sendrow of New York Public Radio, and DJ and producer Zeke Thomas