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General Motors and AT&T teaming up to launch 5G connected vehicles

General Motors is partnering with AT&T to launch 5G connected vehicles over the next decade.

T-Mobile says 48 million people are affected by recent cyberattack

T-Mobile has revealed that a recent cyberattack hit 7.8 million current T-Mobile postpaid customers as well as 40 million former or prospective customers.
A T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile confirms hack, investigates whether customer data was stolen

T-Mobile has confirmed that its computer systems were accessed without permission and is now investigating whether customer data was involved.
T-Mobile storefront with corporate signage.

T-Mobile investigating claims of massive hack involving customer data

T-Mobile says it's investigating claims that hackers have stolen data belonging to as many as 100 million of its customers.

Verizon Back-to-School Sale 2021: iPads, iPhones and more

If you're switching from another wireless carrier you'll find the Verizon new customer deals are the best available.
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Verizon wants to help your small business with these crazy offers

Want to make your small business shine in the post-pandemic era? Verizon has some crazy offers that will help.
A Verizon smart display.

Alexa’s behind Verizon’s smart display, but please don’t sell me a Fios package

The upcoming Verizon smart display will be powered by Alexa technology, but it could very well signal a shift in the smart home space.
AT&T 5G panel discussion

AT&T’s 5G+ promises better and faster connectivity at U.S. airports

In partnership with Boingo, AT&T is rolling out 5G+ to select airports across the United States, bringing faster connectivity to travelers.
Woman Using Phone Lifestyle

AT&T’s top unlimited plan removes throttling, upgrades HBO Max to 4K

For existing Unlimited Elite subscribers, AT&T scraps throttling, ups mobile hotspot data to 40GB, and offers 4K HBO Max.
Parrot Anafi Ai drone flying by satellitesl.

Parrot’s 4G-connected Anafi Ai drone is the Google Maps car of the skies

Parrot's new 4G-connected Anafi Ai drone has no range limits and a powerful camera for breathtaking photography.
A close up of someone pulling a Kindle out of their bag.

Get two months of Kindle Unlimited for ONLY $5 with this Prime Day deal

Been eyeing a Kindle Unlimited subscription? Amazon has a great Prime Day deal saving you 75% on the price of your first two months of Kindle Unlimited.
Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Riot Games and Verizon expand training program for women in esports

Verizon announced a new initiative at its E3 2021 showcase that will provide mentorship to women in esports.
HP Envy X2 qualcomm's LTE PC

What is 6G, how fast will it be, and when is it coming?

You can go buy a 5G phone today, but what about 6G? What is it, how different from 5G will it be, and when will it arrive? We've got the answers for you here.

HBO Max with Ads to launch in June for $10 per month

Those who love HBO but aren't in love with HBO Max's $15 fee will get a cheaper option soon: A $10 per month ad-supported version arrives in June.
Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Verizon 5G home internet service: Coverage, speeds, and plans

Verizon is using its 5G network for a 5G home internet service. From plans, to coverage, to prices, here's what you need to know about Verizon 5G home internet.
5G feature image

AT&T has fastest 5G networks, but T-Mobile has the best coverage, report says

According to a new report from RootMetrics, AT&T has the fastest 5G networks right now -- however, T-Mobile has the largest network.
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T-Mobile 5G home internet: Coverage, speeds, and plans

T-Mobile may be focusing on its mobile 5G network, but there's also a T-Mobile 5G home internet service. From pricing to coverage, here's what you need to know.
t mobile 5g home internet.

T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service is now finally official

T-Mobile has officially launched its 5G home internet service, which is available to a hefty 30 million households, including 10 million rural ones.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max in-hand.

This Verizon smartphone deal gives you up to $1,000 for your broken phone

Right now, at Verizon, you can receive up to $1,000 on old smartphones, even if they are broken or the screen is cracked.
Google Pixel 5

T-Mobile partners to promote Google apps for messaging, cloud storage, and TV

T-Mobile and Google have inked a deal that will see T-Mobile promote Google services like Google One, YouTube TV, and more instead of its own services.
oneplus 9 pro review camera hand

Do you need 12GB of RAM on the OnePlus 9 Pro?

The most expensive OnePlus 9 Pro comes with 12GB of RAM, but there is an 8GB model available for less. Will you notice a big difference between the two?
motorola moto edge plus verizon android 11 update news ready for

Big Moto Edge Plus software update adds Android 11 and mobile desktop feature

Verizon Moto Edge Plus phones are about to receive an update with Android 11, plus a new feature where the phone can be connected to a TV or monitor.
5G feature image

Verizon’s 5G Home Internet service is coming to 10 more cities

Verizon has announced that it's bringing its 5G Home Internet service to 10 more cities, including Cleveland, San Diego, and Salt Lake City.
5g enhances big east tournament rail cam megaltron mxf 00 05 14 still001

5G is enhancing the fan experience at the Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament

Fox Sports will make sports history by bringing viewers of the Big East Basketball Tournament into the future, broadcasting the entire tournament using 5G.
verizon fios triple play deals

Switch to the fastest internet in America for just $40 per month

Switch to Verizon FIOS, the fastest internet in America, for just $40 per month and get Discovery+ for free!
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile’s Home Office Internet service brings 5G to businesses nationwide

T-Mobile has launched a new Home Office Internet service that is built for business users and piggybacks off of T-Mobile's nationwide 5G network.
att plans explained at amp t

AT&T plans explained: 5G, pricing, and deals

AT&T offers a range of different plans, and many of them can take advantage of AT&T's rapidly expanding 5G network. Here's everything you need to know.
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile plans explained: 5G, pricing, and features

T-Mobile offers a range of plans with different prices and features. Here's a rundown of what's available, including the new 5G-capable T-Mobile Magenta Max.
Verizon storefront street scene.

Verizon 5G: Everything you need to know

Verizon 5G is here, and we've gathered everything you need to know about the Ultra-Wideband network and phone plans in 2021.
t mobile plans explained nationwide 5g map jpg  original file

T-Mobile 5G: Everything you need to know

T-Mobile's 5G network is here and we've gathered everything you need to know about the carrier's phone plans and nationwide 5G coverage.
samsung galaxy s21 ultra review helicopter view

The best 5G phones for Verizon

As Verizon's 5G network expands, there's no time like right now to pick up a new 5G phone for Verizon. We've got some of the best right here for all budgets.
Cell tower FM radio

AT&T 5G home internet: Coverage, speeds, and plans

AT&T is rolling out its 5G network, however, while the other carriers have home internet offerings based on 5G, AT&T doesn't yet. But it likely will.
5g feature image

Best 5G carrier for 2022

When you pick a carrier, you're going to get 5G no matter what. Let us help you choose a carrier based on coverage, plans, and overall experience.
5g super bowl marketing weird verizon speed test

Yet another study shows 5G can be disappointing, but changes could be coming

Speedcheck has published a study on the state of 5G, finding that the tech is still a little disappointing. But there is some hope for the year ahead.