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5G radio tower.

What is low-band 5G? Sub-6 explained

To deliver what 5G is capable of carriers have to work with a broad range of spectrum, but it was in the lowest part of the sub-6GHz range where 5G began.
A woman sits on a desk. Behind her, the Acer ConceptD workstation stands alongside a monitor.

Acer’s new workstations are more powerful than ever before

Acer has just updated its ConceptD range with workstation desktops and laptops. Equipped with the latest CPUs and GPUs, they serve up new levels of performance.
Looking through foliage at a 5G tower against a blue sky.

What is C-Band? Mid-range 5G explained

5G services are more complicated than prior cellular technologies, so what do terms like 'midband,' 'C-band,' 'mmWave,' and 'sub-6GHz' mean?
Man and woman wearing hardhats in a factory looking at a tablet.

T-Mobile plugs businesses nationwide into 5G broadband

T-Mobile is expanding its 5G fixed wireless service to businesses nationwide, making it easier and more affordable for companies to get online.
T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert

T-Mobile wants you to test drive its 5G home internet

T-Mobile is taking a bold new step into 5G home internet with a new program that will make it easier for broadband customers to “break up with Big Internet.”
verizons 5g network is live heres what its like to use moto storefront 1

5G vs. 4G: How does the newest network improve on the last?

How do 5G and 4G compare in terms of speed, latency, and coverage? We pit them against each other to uncover the differences -- and what that means for you.
T-Mobile smartphone.

T-Mobile celebrates 1 million 5G home internet customers

T-Mobile has hit a major milestone with its home internet plan just one year after its commercial launch.
Qualcomm 5G at CES 2019

5G coverage map: Where you can get 5G on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile

5G may not be widely available just yet, but it's getting there. Here's where you can find 5G in the U.S.
A man using the Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 portable power station to power his tools while working outside.

Save big on the new Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 power station

The Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 might be the ultimate portable power station. It's now up for sale, and for a limited time, you can score it for a big discount.
Woman holding up OnePlus Nord N20 to take a selfie.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G heads exclusively to T-Mobile on April 28

OnePlus has set a North American release date for the Nord N20 5G, the latest model in its budget 5G phone lineup, coming to T-Mobile on April 28.
Side view of an AT&T disaster recovery truck.

In a disaster, AT&T goes to extremes to get you back online

AT&T has a holistic approach to disaster recovery that ensures it's ready to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice.
T-Mobile smartphone.

Miss unlimited Google Photos storage? T-Mobile has a deal for you

T-Mobile is partnering with Google to give its customers unlimited Google Photos storage space in the form of a new tier of storage plan.
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile delays shutdown of Sprint 3G CDMA network

Folks using Sprint’s legacy 3G CDMA network have just won a slight reprieve as T-Mobile pushes back the date for sunsetting the network by another two months.
verizon service on an iphone.

Verizon goes after bad actors behind own-number spams

Verizon says it is actively blocking spam texts that are being sent to customers from their own numbers, and that it was working with law enforcement stop it.
5G radio tower.

The 3G shutdown could affect the most vulnerable of us

Carriers shutting down 3G networks could impact America's older generation the most.
Google Pixel 6 in its green color option.

Google Pixel 6 can now tap into Verizon’s faster C-Band 5G

Google Pixel 6 series phones have finally been certified for Verizon's C-Band 5G network, and an update to enable support for it has now started rolling out.
best mobile plans and cell phones for seniors

The best mobile plans and smartphones for seniors

If you're a grandparent who wants to stay in touch with loved ones, picking the right phone can be tough. Here are the best cell phones and plans for seniors.
5G radio tower attached to roof of building against blue sky.

Verizon and Celona launch turn-key private 5G solution

Verizon has partnered with 5G technology company Celona to simplify the adoption of private 5G networks by small and midsized businesses.
The front and back of the NxtPaper Max 10

TCL’s trio of new tablets up the ante for NXTPaper

TCL is significantly expanding its tablet offerings with three new additions to its NXTPaper and Tab lines.
Google Pixel phone held by a Stadia controller grip.

Google Stream is what Stadia should have been from the start

Google is reportedly starting to white-label Google Stadia under the Google Stream moniker, and that's probably for the best.
Cellular radio towers on roof of building against sky with clouds.

Ookla speed tests show 5G C-band is already changing the game

New data from Ookla is giving us a good look as to exactly why Verizon and AT&T were in such a hurry to roll out their new C-band 5G spectrum.
A press image showing the front and rear sides of the TCL 20 V 5G smartphone.

TCL’s 30V 5G is coming to Verizon for $300

TCL's new big-screened and affordable 5G phone is launching on Verizon for $300, the company announced today.
AT&T Storefront with logo.

AT&T becomes ‘un-ISP’ of fiber internet with Hypergig plans

AT&T's new Hypergig broadband plans brings fiber speeds up to 5Gbps to homes and businesses with pricing transparency.
Fans on the Nvidia RTX 3080.

Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB vs. RTX 3080 12GB: Does more RAM matter?

Nvidia recently launched a minor update to its popular RTX 3080. How big of an improvement is it? Not enough to justify the much higher price.
RTX 3080 graphics cards among other GPUs.

Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB review: The bad version of a great GPU

Nvidia released a 12GB version of the RTX 3080. Our Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB review confirms what we already knew: The extra memory does very little.
Mobile internet services expanding into the C-band promises wider high speed 5G coverage.

AT&T begins C-band 5G rollout today amid ongoing controversy

With the launch of C-band 5G service, AT&T brings faster internet coverage to major cities despite the ongoing controversy with airlines.
Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband comes with home internet options

If you're in an eligible area, Verizon's new Ultra Wideband data plans might be a great option for unlimited data and home internet.
Passenger airlines flying past a large radio communications tower.

5G rollout has been a disaster in the U.S. Here’s why

AT&T and Verizon are going live with their new C-band 5G spectrum after weeks of wrangling with the aviation industry and government officials. But what's next?
ookla speedtest

T-Mobile’s 5G leads the pack in Ookla’s latest speed report

T-Mobile has once again taken the crown for the fastest and most consistent 5G speeds in the U.S. in Ookla's fourth-quarter market report.
5G Tradeshow at CES Asia Feat image.

5G’s big players make bold, exciting predictions for 2022

Digital Trends asked many of the big players in 5G tech to predict how it will change and influence our lives during 2022, and the responses are exciting.
Apple private relay,

Carriers are, unsurprisingly, blocking Apple’s iCloud Private Relay feature

The likes of T-Mobile, AT&T, and EE are keeping users from enabling the iCloud Private Relay feature, arguing that it borks their own online safety tools.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 in front of a black background.

Nvidia just quietly launched a 12GB RTX 3080, and the price will shock you

Nvidia silently launched the 12GB RTX 3080, but there aren't any reviews on launch day. Here's why, and what it means for Nvidia throughout 2022.
Three silhouetted passengers in airport waiting area with large airliner in background.

FAA says 50 U.S. airports won’t get expanded 5G coverage until later in 2022

The Federal Aviation Administration has published a list of 50 U.S. airports where AT&T and Verizon's expanded 5G coverage won’t be arriving initially.
The front view of the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone.

AT&T’s Fusion 5G is the carrier’s newest affordable 5G smartphone

The AT&T Fusion 5G may look ordinary, but things get interesting when you take a little peek at its specifications.