Sin City: A Dame To Kill For gets a bloody, brutal new trailer

It’s been just over nine years since Sin City hit theaters and brought Frank Miller’s comic-book series about a city that runs on crime to life on the screen, and now Sin City: A Dame To Kill For promises to bring audiences back for another round of blood-soaked, violent stories next month. In the new, red-band trailer that debuted at Comic-Con over the weekend and arrived online this week, it’s made abundantly clear that Sin City is a place that never runs out of tales to tell.

Much like the film itself, the new trailer is “R”-rated, so keep that in mind before playing the NSFW video anywhere that scenes of sex, violence, and stylized dismemberment might not be appreciated. Because once you hit play on the trailer below, you will be subjected to scenes of sex, violence, and stylized dismemberment.

Now that we have that warning out of the way…

The Sin City: A Dame To Kill For trailer offers an impressive sampling of what the new film has to offer, mixing the predominantly black-and-white visuals of Miller’s original story with just the right amount of color, emphasizing particular elements much in the same way director Robert Rodriguez did with the original Sin City. It’s also worth noting that the video opens up with a scene featuring Miller and Rodriguez portraying characters from the sort of crime-noir films that inspired Sin City, so that’s a nice Easter Egg for fans.

The trailer also does a nice job of teasing the long list of familiar faces that appear in the film, from returning cast members Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba to newcomers Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Based on a blend of older stories created by Miller and a pair of new ones he wrote specifically for the film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters August 22.