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3 rom-coms on Netflix you need to watch in December

Can you believe there’s only one month left in 2023? Yet, this isn’t just any month. It’s December, meaning the holiday season is upon us. Christmas and New Year’s are only a few weeks away. Don’t wait to get into the spirit. Now is the time to fire up the best Christmas movies on Netflix and start feeling the holiday cheer.

Romantic comedies tend to play well at Christmas because of their uplifting messages and soul-stirring themes. For December, we selected three of the best romantic comedies on Netflix to watch. Since it’s December, our picks revolve around Christmas and the holidays.

Holidate (2020)

A man and woman sit next to each other at a table.
Steve Dietl / Netflix

Many people love the holidays. With themed parties and countless presents, the holiday season is a time to be with friends and family. Yet, Sloane (American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) despise the holidays. The duo hate awkward social outings and attending family gatherings without a significant other.

After a chance encounter, they to be each other’s “holidate” for every special occasion – New Year’s ,Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. But as we’ve all learned by watching countless romantic comedies, pretending to be a couple always works until someone gets feelings. Then, it gets complicated.

Stream Holidate on Netflix.

A California Christmas (2020)

A California Christmas Trailer Official 2020

Joseph Van Aston (Josh Swickard) was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As the son of a wealthy real estate mogul, Joseph lives a comfortable lifestyle. With a promotion on the line, Joseph has three weeks to convince Callie Bernet (Lauren Swickard) to sell her Petaluma farm. Upon arrival, Joseph is mistaken for a ranch hand, but accepts the job to get closer to Callie and her family. As it turns out, Joseph gets a little too close as he falls in love with Callie, further complicating his mission.

A California Christmas feels like an elevated Hallmark Christmas movie. It has the same heartwarming themes typically found in Hallmark Christmas films. However, A California Christmas is allowed to push the envelope more in terms of its subject matter because of its PG-13 rating. Don’t worry – A California Christmas is still as charming as ever and the perfect movie to watch on date night.

Stream A California Christmas on Netflix.

The Princess Switch (2018)

Two women stand next to each other and stare.

Vanessa Hudgens has become one of Netflix’s most reliable Christmas rom-com stars. Her ascent to Netflix stardom began in 2018 with The Princess Switch. Stacy De Novo (Hudgens) is a hardworking baker from Chicago who is selected to compete in a cooking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia. Stacy travels with her best friend, Kevin (Nick Sagar), and his daughter, Olivia (Alexa Adeosun).

While in Belgravia, Stacy unexpectedly runs into Lady Margaret Delacourt (also played by Hudgens), who is set to marry Edward Wyndham (Sam Palladio), the Prince of Belgravia. Stacy and Margaret look so similar that they could pass as identical twins. Wanting one last run of freedom, Lady Margaret convinces Stacy to switch lives for the week. While posing as each other, Margaret falls in love with Kevin, while Stacy falls in love with the Prince. It’s The Parent Trap with a holiday rom-com twist.

Stream The Princess Switch on Netflix.

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