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Where to watch the final season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Prime Video show

John Krasinski has really come a long way since The Office concluded 10 years ago. While A Quiet Place established Krasinski as a filmmaker, the Jack Ryan series made him into an action star. This week marks the beginning of the end of Krasinski’s four-season run as Tom Clancy’s iconic hero.

And this time, Jack is faced with the combined threat of a deadly drug cartel and a terrorist organization. This convergence may prove to be Jack’s biggest challenge to date. Fortunately, he’s not alone this time.

Now, we’ll answer your burning questions about Jack Ryan season 4.

Where to watch the final season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan.
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the streaming home for Jack Ryan. The first three seasons are already available to stream. However, the fourth season won’t start until Friday, June 30.

There are only six episodes this season, and Prime Video has decided to release them two at a time. That means two episodes will drop on June 30, followed by two more on July 7, and the final episodes will arrive on July 14.

Can you rent or purchase Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan?

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Yes, you can purchase Jack Ryan‘s first three seasons on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. However, there are no options to rent, and Prime Video is the only place you can stream the series without purchasing it outright.

Is Jack Ryan season 4 really the end of the series?

Michael Pena in Jack Ryan season 4.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the streaming era, never say never. This is the final season for Jack Ryan, but it’s been such a big hit for Prime Video that it’s possible Krasinski will reprise his role again in the future. We’d lay down bets for a Jack Ryan movie down the road, even if it’s simply a Prime Video exclusive rather than a theatrical release.

For the moment, Prime Video appears to be lining up Michael Peña’s Domingo Chavez for a potential spinoff. Chavez is another one of Clancy’s favorite characters. The author introduced Chavez as a supporting character in his 1989 Jack Ryan novel, Clear and Present Danger, before spinning Chavez off into the Rainbow Six series. Chavez has appeared in 22 of Clancy’s novels and seems primed (pun intended) for a starring role.

Within Jack Ryan season 4, the title character will have to team up with Chavez, a CIA operative who is far more ruthless than Ryan himself. Their unusual partnership will begin on June 30.

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