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George Clooney and Brad Pitt reunite as fixers in Wolfs trailer

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For the first time in 16 years, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are together again in the first trailer for the upcoming action comedy Wolfs.

Clooney is a professional fixer hired to cover up a top-level crime. As Clooney’s character cleans up the mess, another fixer (Pitt) unexpectedly shows up, saying he’s also been hired to “take care of the problem.” The two lone wolves now must work together. However, their night takes a crazy turn, “spiraling out of control in ways that neither one of them expected.”

Despite their similarities, the duo makes one thing abundantly clear: they are not partners.

WOLFS – Official Trailer (HD)

Wolfs is written and directed by Jon Watts, who helmed Tom Holland’s three Spider-Man films. Watts is also the showrunner on the upcoming Disney+ series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. Besides Clooney and Pitt, Wolfs stars Amy Ryan, Austin Abrams, and Poorna Jagannathan. Producers include Clooney, Pitt, Watts, Grant Heslov, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Dianne McGunigle.

Clooney and Pitt last appeared together on screen in 2008’s Burn After Reading. The duo famously starred in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy, with Clooney as Danny Ocean and Pitt as Rusty Ryan. Clooney recently provided his voice for John Krasinski’s IF and directed 2023’s The Boys in the Boat. Meanwhile, Pitt’s last acting role came in 2022 as Jack Conrad in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon.

Apple Original Films acquired the rights to Wolfs in a competitive bidding war, beating out Netflix, Sony, and Lionsgate. However, Sony Pictures Entertainment won the theatrical distribution deal for Wolfs. This continues Apple’s commitment to release films theatrically before they arrive on Apple TV+. Fly Me to the Moon, another production from Apple Original Films, will also be released in theaters by Sony.

Wolfs arrives in theaters on September 20, 2024.

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