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Tesla fans want a Cybertruck made of Legos, and it might actually happen

Just last week, Lego poked fun at Elon Musk’s new Tesla Cybertruck by posting its own version of the electric pickup truck, but one fan is hoping to make a Lego Cybertruck a reality. This oddly shaped vehicle has been the subject of many different memes since its debut — including being hacked into N64’s GoldenEye. Despite being the butt of many jokes, Tesla’s Cybertruck has been garnering more internet support than any other EV on the market today.

User BrickinNick, who is one such supporter, posted a beautiful rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck Lego set on Lego Ideas — essentially a Lego GoFundMe page where people share creations and product ideas that have the potential to become an actual product or set. His version of Tesla’s first electric pickup truck looks exceptionally similar to the original version, complete with a front trunk and tailgate opening and closing function. You can see what it would look like with the concept renderings below. Lego has even commented on the idea, making it one of their “staff picks” for today.


The concept is backed by over 2,100 avid supporters so far, but it would still need a total of 10,000 supporters to capture the attention of Lego, or Elon Musk even, to make the Cybertruck set something you can actually buy in stores and not just a fantasy.

BrickinNick said the set could also be expanded to feature the Tesla ATV, which is meant to go into the bed of the Cybertruck, as well as integrating motorization into the Lego set so it could become an electric vehicle just like Tesla’s actual model.

“As of yet, EVs have only been marginally represented in the Lego set catalog,” BrickinNick’s description of the Lego set reads. “The striking yet fun design of this Lego Cybertruck would be an amazing way to get kids and adults alike excited about EVs and all the good they can do for our environment.”

Elon Musk and Tesla showed off the $40,000 electric pickup truck on November 21. While not everyone has responded positively to the truck’s futuristic-looking style, its specs are definitely impressive for an electric truck. It has seating for up to six, an onboard air compressor, a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, a range between 250 to 500 miles depending on the model, and semi-autonomous technology.

Will the Tesla Cybertruck Lego set actually happen?


Digital Trends reached out to Lego and to Tesla to comment on the proposed Lego set idea, and we’ll update this story if we hear back. As of yet, this is only an idea and not a concrete reality, so you may not want to get your hopes up just yet if you were wanting to snag a set for yourself or the kids this holiday season. At over 2,100 supporters, this idea still has a way to go if it’s going to be taken seriously by both Tesla and Lego. You can show your support for this creation by visiting the Lego website.

The plans for a Lego Cybertruck first appeared last week when Lego Australia posted a Lego version of the truck on its Facebook page, which consisted of one single Lego brick with four wheels attached to it. Of course, BrickinNick’s version is much more detailed and looks like the futuristic vehicle. It has yet to be seen if he has laid any plans, or tiny bricks, for the new Tesla Model Y as well. Though it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Elon Musk catches wind of this and decides he wants to put out an entire line of Tesla EV lego sets, from the Model 3 to the Model S.

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