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Up your 'gram game: Here's how to get more Instagram followers

Do you want to become Instagram famous in a matter of days? Here are a few tips on how to get more followers on Instagram, whether you plan to do so via hashtags or increased networking.
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Who to follow on Twitter if you want to understand tech

Twitter is a great way to follow tech titans and influencers for their insights on the current happenings. Here is a breakdown of some of the underrated and more well-known tech-related accounts you should follow on Twitter.
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Facebook spells out data use from mouse clicks to metadata in policy update

Facebook's updated privacy policy isn't adding more data collection, but it is spelling out what the network collects with more clarity. The data policy also applies to Instagram and Messenger.
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Facebook’s new fake news tool is partially powered by Wikipedia

How do you present objective information about a news source? Crowdsource it. Facebook is using Wikipedia entries in a new fake news tool that provides readers more context on the source.

Reddit refurbishes its bland style, adds an endless scroll, new view options

After over a year of planning, the new Reddit is now available for a small percentage of users before a widespread rollout. The update includes an endless scroll, posts editor, and three different view options.
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Should fake news be illegal? Malaysia could be among the first to penalize it

Should fake news be government regulated? Malaysia may be among the first to do so if a bill passes the Senate. Supporters say the change would help prevent the spread of fake news, while critics worry about the implications on free speech.
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Save me: How to download Instagram photos from any device

Browsing photos in Instagram is one thing, but saving them is another. Here's how to download Instagram photos from any device via third-party apps, as well as how to bookmark images in Instagram.
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Hang out via video chat, then tag friends in Stories with Snapchat’s new tools

Snapchat's video chat feature is now more than a one-on-one chat with the option to video chat with as many as 16 friends. The update comes alongside a new @mention feature inside of Stories.
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Messenger goes immersive with new 360 photo compatibility

Now you can share that immersive scene with just your closest friend. Messenger now supports 360 photos, including both smartphone shots and files from a 360 camera. The update comes with a bump up in video resolution to 720p.
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Grindr admits to sharing user data — including HIV status — with third parties

Not only has Grindr been sharing its users' HIV status, but also its members' "last tested date," GPS data, phone ID, and email. The app recently admitted to sharing this information, but insists the data is encrypted.

Genius teams up with YouTube to support Song Stories, a new discovery feature

If you thought stories were relegated exclusively to photo-sharing apps like Snapchat and Instagram, you'll have to think again. This week, music database company Genius launched its own version of the bite-sized content format.
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Just say ‘No’ to the social media-driven condom-snorting challenge

Teens seeking social media approval for YouTube videos re-birth the painful, dangerous condom-snorting challenge. Views and subscribers are the coveted rewards for rubber-snorting YouTube videos.