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8K TV explained: Everything you need to know about the future of television

Though it may seem that 4K TVs are relatively new, there's another even higher-resolution display technology already here: 8K TV. Are you going to need to upgrade? We've got the answers to that question and more.
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I’ve seen the 8K TV future, and you should be excited. Here’s why

Samsung set the tech world on fire when it announced it would sell an 85-inch 8K TV in the U.S. along with several 8K screen sizes in Europe. Debates over the validity and value of such a high resolution have continued since, and we're here…
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8K is the next big thing in TVs. Get over it

8K is the next big thing in TV. At least, that’s how LG, Samsung, Sony, and Sharp would have it. At IFA 2018, Samsung announced it would begin shipping its gorgeous Q900R series series 8K TVs this year. LG arrived with a glorious 88-inch…
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IFA 2018: 8K TV, AI everything, and more trends we expect to see

Europe's biggest technology show is just around the corner, and this is a year you will not want to miss. We've rounded up the trends and secrets you need to know ahead of the show's launch later this week.
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Samsung may launch its first 8K TVs this year, but will the U.S. get them?

At CES 2018, Samsung showed off an 85-inch, 8K version of its QLED TV. Now the company has announced that it plans to launch two ranges of 8K TVs, with one coming this year, which could be unveiled at IFA in Berlin.
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Hands on with LG 88-inch 8K OLED and more crazy TVs from CES 2018

You know we'll see some gigantic screens, but what else can we expect to see in terms of innovations in TV at CES 2018? We've got our predictions all laid out here, and, yes, 8K is coming.

TWB Podcast: CES preview; LG 8K television; Home assistant takeover

CES Preview and Digital Trends coverage; LG 88" 8K television; Home assistants will be taking over everything; the strange tech of CES.
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LG will roll into CES in style with the world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display

Just as you were getting used to your new 4K TV, LG plans to make it look like old tech as it plans to debut the world’s first 88-inch, 8K OLED display next week in Las Vegas at CES 2018.

Your next TV will pack more than just additional pixels

The leap from tubes to LCDs brought us more pixels and flatter screens, but the next generation of television technology is about brighter brights, darker darks, and maybe even ditching the screen entirely.
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First 8K satellite broadcasts kick off in Japan, but don’t get rid of your 4K TV yet

People haven't even had the chance to get used to 4K yet, and already the next big thing seems to be on the way, as Japanese broadcaster NHK is kicking off the first 8K satellite broadcasts, including coverage of the 2016 Olympics.
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Sharp will sell an 8K TV in October, surging past competitors and putting the FU in FUHD

Sharp has confirmed it is bringing an 85-inch 8K television to market next month. The massive display offers 16 times the resolution of a 1080p TV, four times that of a 4K UHD TV, and is expected to cost around $133,000, but you won't want…
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The best TVs at IFA 2014

Smartwaches and tablets may have garnered much of the buzz at IFA 2014, but that didn't stop the likes of Samsung and LG from debuting a wealth of new televisions sets. Check out some of our favorite offerings showcased at the renowned tech…
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Forget 4K, LG’s 98-inch 8K TV is the window into the future we’ve been waiting for

If you're just getting your head wrapped around 4K televisions, then LG's monstrous 98-inch 8K TV will seriously warp your brain.