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Despite 2-star rating, Facebook Home breaks 500,000 downloads

Facebook Home has been downloaded over a half a million times in its first ten days, but concerns over privacy settings have led to a 2-star user rating
wtf facebook header

WTF, Internet? What makes you think we need more Facebook?

advertising on facebook home 2 625x1000

Surprise! Facebook Home will have ads, eventually

liking facebook home here are some things you need to be okay with first for now welcome

Want to be a Facebook Home early adopter? These are the sacrifices you have to make

Did Facebook Home just put the messaging app ecosystem on notice?

htc first vs galaxy s3 droid dna facebookbanner

HTC First vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Droid DNA: Facebook Phone Spec Showdown

facebook home in bed

So call me, maybe? Facebook Home cares about your present, not your past

facebook phone home privacy

Will Facebook Home collect even more of your data? You bet

facebook intros a brand new messaging experience with chatheads

Facebook puts a new spin on mobile messaging with Chat Heads [Updated]

Rumor Roundup: The 3-year history of the fabled ‘Facebook Phone’ (Updated)

facebook phone survey blue 1

Who wants a Facebook phone? Survey says: almost no one

HTC First, AKA the Facebook Phone, leaked ahead of special event

Facebook is – finally – unveiling the Facebook Phone April 4

Finally Facebook is reportedly unveiling the mysterious Android forked Facebook phone, built on a HTC smartphone, on April 4.
Facebook announcement

5 things Facebook could be pulling the curtain off this morning

facebook mark zuckerberg

Facebook announces January 15 media event – says it’s building something….

why a facebook phone is doomed to be the next zune fp

Why a Facebook phone is doomed to be the next Zune

htc status debuts with dedicated facebook button htcstatus

Rumor: Facebook is developing an official Facebook phone named Buffy

AT&T trying to ditch the HTC Status?

HTC Status debuts with dedicated Facebook button

Why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook for iOS 5?

The INQ Cloud Touch officially not a ‘Facebook phone’: Integrates Foursquare

ChaCha sues HTC over its new ChaCha phone

Facebook Phone Mockup

HTC phone to reportedly feature dedicated Facebook button

INQ shows off Facebook-optimized Cloud Touch on video; UPDATE: Specs detailed

Will Facebook battle Skype, Google Voice with VoIP calling?

Facebook Phone Mockup

Facebook phone coming next month from HTC?

INQ working with Spotify on new phone

Facebook phone rumors return, with launch dates