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Memoji creation screen in Messages on Mac.

How to create a Memoji on a Mac

Want to add style and personality to your iPhone’s stockpile of emojis? Here’s how to make and use your very own Memojis.
Video reactions in macOS Sonoma, with the balloons effect in use.

How to use iOS 17 FaceTime gestures (and what they look like)

A video call on the Surface Pro 9 tablet.

How to make video calls on a TV: 8 of the most popular ways

The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Apple TV 4K.

Belkin drops a $50 mount for iPhone video calls on Apple TV 4K

An iPhone on a Peak Design travel tripod.

The living room tripod is now officially a thing you need

Zoom on Apple TV.

Apple TV with Zoom means it’s finally time to call your mother

FaceTime call alert.

This hidden Apple Watch feature is better than I could have imagined

FaceTime on Apple TV.

Apple TV getting FaceTime, Memories screensaver, and remote finder

A person using Continuity Camera on a MacBook during a FaceTime video call.

Apple’s FaceTime may soon give you gesture control superpowers

Apple iPhone ringtone best of feat image.

How to blur backgrounds on FaceTime calls

A woman wears AirPods Pro while looking at her iPhone on public transportation.

FaceTime with spatial audio is nothing short of magic

iPhone placed on MacBook.

How to answer phone calls on a Mac

Woman looking at iPhone.

How to make a group FaceTime call

FaceTime is the most popular venue for group audio and videoconferencing for Mac and iOS. Today, you can include up to 32 participants. Here's how to do it.
iPhones with ios 15.

Apple’s iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 bring SharePlay, camera improvements, and more

Apple is rolling out iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 with SharePlay, ProRes video for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, other camera improvements, and more.
Woman looking at iPhone.

How to use Apple FaceTime like a pro

Here is our complete guide to FaceTime, built-in videoconferencing software for the Apple ecosystem, whether you're using a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Apple Music and the FaceTime preferences pane being used during a SharePlay session on a Mac running MacOS Monterey.

How to use FaceTime’s SharePlay feature in MacOS Monterey

Use the new SharePlay feature in MacOS Monterey to enjoy music and movies with your friends on a FaceTime call. Here, we will show you exactly how it’s done.
google project starline io 2021 news 3d

Google’s Project Starline is a magic mirror to bring 3D video chatting to life

Google’s Project Starline is working to make it possible for you to view a life-sized 3D model of a loved one when communicating with them.
Video calling

The best FaceTime alternatives for Android

Tired of your iPhone-owning friends going on about FaceTime? Here are the best FaceTime alternatives for Android, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more.
iPhone XS Max

iOS 13’s FaceTime bug gives access to your iPhone contacts without permission

A security researcher has found yet another lock screen exploit on the iPhone, this time with FaceTime on iOS 13. The exploit, discovered by security researcher Jose Rodriguez, allows anyone to view your contact information without unlocking the phone.
Woman looking at iPhone.

Apple secretly adds AR-powered FaceTime eye correction in iOS 13

FaceTime is brilliant -- but because of the position of the camera, it's impossible to make conversations seem natural. Until now, that is. The latest version of the iOS 13 beta includes a setting that uses Apple's magical ARKit to make your FaceTime video calls seem a lot more natural.
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

Apple stomps on one FaceTime bug, only to have another one appear

Having fixed a FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on calls, another issue with Apple's video chat app appears to have surfaced. It concerns adding people to group calls, though there is a workaround. Apple launched group calls for FaceTime in 2018, though the rollout has been far from smooth.
Facetime App

Here’s how to disable FaceTime on your Apple iPhone and Mac

FaceTime is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but many don't need it, or simply don't want it. Thankfully, it's very easy to disable FaceTime, both on your iPhone or iPad, and on your Mac. Here's how to disable FaceTime for yourself, no matter which device you're using it on.
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

FaceTime bug: Apple rolls out a fix to enable group calls again

FaceTime group calls are back, so long as you update your iDevice with the fix that Apple just rolled out. It fixes a FaceTime flaw that let people eavesdrop on the people they were calling. Lawmakers are now asking Apple to explain the background to what they described as a "significant privacy violation."
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

FaceTime bug: Lawmakers demand answers from Apple’s CEO

A House of Representatives committee is demanding answers from Apple regarding the recently discovered FaceTime bug, describing it as a "significant privacy violation." The vulnerability, which let FaceTime users eavesdrop on the person they were calling, was discovered at the end of last month.
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

Nasty FaceTime bug lets you hear call recipients before they’ve answered

A FaceTime bug lets you listen to the audio of the person you're calling before they've even answered. Besides the obvious privacy concerns, the issue could lead to awkward situations if anyone tries to replicate the bug and the recipient utters something untoward when their name flashes on the display.
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

FaceTime bug: A teen and his mom spent a week trying to warn Apple

News of a serious FaceTime bug that let iPhone users eavesdrop on the person they were calling went viral on Tuesday. It now appears that a teen and his mom tried to warn Apple about the flaw multiple times, but the "poorly set-up" bug-reporting process made it difficult to make contact.
how to use Split View on a Mac

Worried about the eavesdropping bug? Here’s how to disable FaceTime on your Mac

Apple has taken FaceTime group calling offline to help address any privacy concerns related to the eavesdropping bug, but disabling FaceTime altogether might be the best way to avoid any issues moving forward. Here's how to do that on your iPhone, MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.
reasons to install ios 12 group facetime 2

How to make a Group FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12

With the release of the iOS 12.1 update, users can now take advantage of the new Group FaceTime feature. Using your Apple device, you're now able to video chat with up to 32 people at once. Whether it's on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, here's how to set up Group FaceTime calls.
how to use Split View on a Mac

Apple begins testing Group FaceTime for MacOS Mojave — again

Apple will soon make it easier for organizations, businesses, and families to stay in tocuh through group video chats. After pulling the Group FaceTime feature from earlier betas prior to launching MacOS Mojave, Apple is now starting to test the group video chat feature again for its release of MacOS 10.14.1.
Facetime App

What is FaceTime? Learn all about Apple’s video-calling app

Apple's proprietary video-calling app, FaceTime, allows users to video chat with friends and family, but what else can it do?
netflix face 2 made with gopros plaid shirt 3

This Netflix film was shot with nothing but GoPro cameras

Filmmakers shot the movie, Face 2 Face, using only GoPro cameras, which allowed them to capture the unique actors’ point of view and narrative that was required.
Facetime App

Apple fails to end lawsuit that claimed it purposely broke FaceTime on iOS 6

A judge ruled that iPhone 4 and 4S users can pursue a nationwide class action lawsuit claiming Apple "broke" FaceTime intentionally.
google duo arrives feat

Google strives to make its Duo video-calling app a FaceTime killer

Is there really room for yet another video-calling app? Google certainly hopes so, because it's just launched Duo on Android and iOS.
how to use Split View on a Mac

Family files lawsuit against Apple, blames FaceTime for daughter’s death

A family filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of failing to implementing safeguards into FaceTime that disallows drivers from using it.