Apple stomps on one FaceTime bug, only to have another one appear

Having fixed a FaceTime bug that let users eavesdrop on calls, another issue with Apple's video chat app appears to have surfaced. It concerns adding people to group calls, though there is a workaround.

Here’s how to disable FaceTime on your Apple iPhone and Mac

FaceTime is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but many don't need it, or simply don't want it. Thankfully, it's very easy to disable FaceTime, both on your iPhone or iPad, and on your Mac. Here's how.

FaceTime bug: Apple rolls out a fix to enable group calls again

FaceTime group calls are back, so long as you update your iDevice with the fix that Apple rolled out on Thursday, February 7. iOS 12.1.4 sorts out a troubling FaceTime flaw that let people eavesdrop on the people they were calling.

FaceTime bug: Lawmakers demand answers from Apple’s CEO

Apple is in hot water with U.S. lawmakers over its recent FaceTime bug. A House of Representatives committee says it's "deeply troubled" by the "significant privacy violation," and is now demanding answers.

Apple will roll out a fix to the huge FaceTime security bug next week

A FaceTime bug lets you listen to the audio of the person you're calling before they've even answered. The bizarre flaw was discovered this week and Apple says it will have a solution at some point next week.

FaceTime bug: A teen and his mom spent a week trying to warn Apple

News of a FaceTime bug that let iPhone users eavesdrop on the person they were calling went viral on Tuesday. It now appears that a teen and his mom tried to warn Apple about the flaw multiple times, but without success. 

Worried about the eavesdropping bug? Here’s how to disable FaceTime on your Mac

There's a serious FaceTime eavesdropping bug going around. Disabling FaceTime all together might be the best way to avoid any issues moving forward. Here's how to do that on your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.

How to make a Group FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12

With the release of iOS 12.1, you can now take advantage of the Group FaceTime feature. Using your Apple device, you can video chat with up to 32 people at once. Here's how to set up Group FaceTime with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple begins testing Group FaceTime for MacOS Mojave — again

MacOS Mojave users will soon be able to participate in Group FaceTime calls with up to 31 other Mac and iPhone users. Apple is now testing the group video chat feature as part of its fifth developer beta of MacOS 10.14.1.

These are the best video chat apps to help you stay in touch

Though still relatively new, video chat apps can help you connect with people from around the world. Here are our personal favorites to help you keep in touch regardless of smartphone OS.

What is FaceTime? Learn all about Apple’s video-calling app

Originally introduced in 2010, just in time for the release of the iPhone 4, FaceTime, Apple's proprietary video-calling application, allows users to video chat with their friends and family. But what else can it do?

This Netflix film was shot with nothing but GoPro cameras

To shoot the Netflix film, Face 2 Face, the production team relied on GoPro cameras in order to capture the unique story, from the actors’ point of view.

Apple fails to end lawsuit that claimed it purposely broke FaceTime on iOS 6

A U.S. District judge ruled that iPhone 4 and 4S users can pursue a nationwide class action lawsuit claiming Apple "broke" FaceTime intentionally -- in order to save money from routing calls through servers own by Akamai.

Google's Duo rolls out new audio-calling feature to users around the world

Duo, Google's super-simple, FaceTime-like offering for Android and iOS, took another step toward dethroning its Apple-made rival by rolling out an audio-only call feature for users worldwide.

Family files lawsuit against Apple, blames FaceTime for daughter’s death

A family filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of failing to implementing safeguards into FaceTime that disallows drivers from using it. The lawsuit is seeking medical expenses and punitive damages.
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A car accident almost took my brother away, but Facetime brought him closer

In February, my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury. Living over 2,000 miles away means I rarely get to visit, but Facetime lets me keep connected during his recovery.

Patent troll on the rebound as Apple court-ordered to pay $302M in damages

The first of two patent infringement retrials did not end in Apple's favor, as the Cupertino-based company was ordered to pay $302 million in damages to VirtnetX. A second retrial is scheduled for sometime in the near future.

Apple loses its patent battle against VirnetX, faces over $300 million in damages

According to VirnetX, its security technology is being used by Apple in applications like FaceTime without proper permissions. Now, a federal jury in Texas has ordered Apple to pay over $302 million worth of damages.