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Groupon tries to solve its biggest problem with loyalty rewards

Will rewards be enough for Groupon to overcome it's biggest problem: User loyalty to the site trumping customer retention for local businesses?

How Google Wallet works

Google Wallet is a new way to turn your smartphone into a credit card. Here we break down exactly how the technology works, step by step.

Google strengthens Offers with acquisition of German DailyDeal

Google strengthens offers with a recent acquisition. Is DailyDeal Google's gateway into Europe?
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Amazon’s ad-infused Kindles to be integrated with AmazonLocal daily deals

Amazon's discounted Kindle with Special Offers is targeting deal hounds by integrating with AmazonLocal daily deals. The functionality will becoming this holiday season.

A summer slump doesn’t mean Google Offers is down for the count

Don't write off Google's daily deals site yet, as a mobile edge could be its saving grace.

Groupon IPO back on, set for coming months

Last week Groupon postponed its IPO plans. According to a report on Wednesday, however, the daily deal company is now preparing to go ahead with it late October or early November.

LivingSocial and Whole Foods link up for national daily deal

The second largest daily deal operator, LivingSocial, is linking up with Whole Foods stores in the US for a national offer set to run on Tuesday.

Study: Partnering with a daily deal site is bad for Yelp rating

Are thrifty shoppers more critical of the value of goods or services received? A study performed by researchers at Harvard and Boston University looks at the correlation of declining Yelp ratings and Groupon promotions.

Despite downward trend, Groupon revenue grew 13 percent in August

While the number of people buying into the daily deals craze has dropped, revenue is up for market leader Groupon.
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Class-action lawsuit filed against Groupon by former employees

Former Groupon employees file a class-action lawsuit against the daily deal site over improperly paid overtime wages.

Google Offers launches in five more US cities

While Facebook recently abandoned its daily deal venture and Groupon put the brakes on plans for its IPO, Google steams forward with Google Offers by rolling out its daily deal service to five more US cities.

Daily deal sites Groupon, LivingSocial lose steam in August

Is the massive saturation of daily deal sites starting to take a toll on major players like Groupon and LivingSocial? Recent revenue numbers in August point to a slowdown of coupon purchases and usage.

Groupon is winning the clone wars

To say the daily deals market is over-saturated is to put it lightly, but the one that started them all is managing to stay on top and take out competitors at the same time. Still, it's long-term success is no where near assured.

Facebook gets rid of Deals

Facebook ditches its Deals product following a major privacy overhaul and a similar scrapping of Places. Is the company trimming fat to focus or is daily deals losing its appeal?

Groupon makes some noise during its quiet period

A reported leak has Groupon stating its case. Will the SEC consider this an undermining move by the heavily scrutinized site?
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Groupon updates IPO paperwork and admits it is not profitable

Groupon has revised its government filings and noted it's actually in the red.
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New dot-com bubble looms ahead of Groupon IPO

Groupon dropped the use of a controversial accounting metric ahead of its IPO, but what does its use mean for investors hungry for tech?

Number of Groupon subscribers still growing fast

Daily deals giant Groupon appears to be still pulling in the punters, with the number of subscribers to the service more than doubling since the start of this year.