HTC’s stand-alone Vive Focus VR headset hits markets outside China in 2018

HTC said during the Game Developers Conference that its stand-alone Vive Focus VR headset is coming to international markets this year. Unfortunately, the exact date and pricing is unknown for now.

HTC’s Desire 12 and Desire 12 Plus are big on display, low on cost

HTC has revealed two new phones for its budget range, the HTC Desire 12 and Desire 12 Plus. With Android Oreo, HTC Sense Assistant, and full-screen designs, are they worth your money for a budget upgrade?

Ear plugs at the ready? The horror of tech companies making music

Samsung, LG, Huawei, and plenty of other tech companies make great smartphones; but they don't make good music. Yet they continue to try. Don't believe us? We've got proof, and lots of it.
Virtual Reality

Unboxing the HTC Vive Pro: Take a peek at what you get

Wanting to jump into the fun world of VR? The HTC Vive Pro can be yours now for $799. Is that price too steep? The original Vive headset is now a mere $499. The newer Vive Pro model will officially ship on April 5, 2018.

HTC U12+ will feature a dual-lens front and rear camera, according to leak

The daily flagship release schedule is underway, and HTC is no stranger to that particular dance. Here are all the news and rumors that we've been able to gather about the HTC U12.

HTC’s Vive Focus mobile VR headset uses the same lenses, displays as Vive Pro

A recent hands-on report reveals that HTC's Vive Focus mobile VR headset uses the same lenses and screens as the Vive Pro headset for PC. Currently, the stand-alone headset is sold only in China as a "premium" mobile VR option.

HTC announces U.S. layoffs as smartphone and VR divisions merge

HTC has dismissed dozens of its U.S. employees following the departure of its smartphone president one week ago. According to a source close to the matter, the number of employees let go could be up to 100.

HTC to bring back the Desire name with the Desire 12 smartphone

HTC won't bring the U12 to Mobile World Congress, but could it deliver a tiny titan in its place? The rumored HTC Breeze, or Desire 12, looks set to bring a 18:9 display to the entry-level smartphone market.

Google’s $1.1 billion ‘big bet on hardware’ deal with HTC is final

Google has closed the deal to acquire part of HTC's smartphone team, and a non-exclusive license for HTC's intellectual property, as part of a, "big bet on hardware." The HTC team worked on the Google Pixel phones.

Sony Xperia XA2 vs. HTC U11 Life: Can Sony rule the midrange market?

Sony's latest Xperia phones are taking a solid crack at the midrange market, and they're up against some serious competition. Can the Xperia XA2 beat the HTC U11 Life in its own backyard?

‘You gotta be patient.’ Why HTC keeps pushing VR forward, and what’s next

We sit down with an executive from HTC to talk all things Vive Pro -- the controllers, the headphones, and taking VR to the next level. We even touched on the future of the stand-alone Vive Focus, which hasn't been released in North America…

Here is everything we know about the HTC U11 Eyes

Last year, HTC brought us three smartphones -- the HTC U11 and U11 Plus, along with the HTC U11 Life. Now, rumors hint there will reportedly be a new addition to the lineup known as the HTC U11 Eyes. Here's everything we know about it.