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Playing a fitness game in VR with the Quest Pro.

What is VR?

VR, or Virtual Reality, is a constantly evolving technology that is only getting more exciting. What is VR? It could be the future of work and play.
The HTC Vive XR Elite on a white table.

Here’s everything I learned using the HTC Vive XR Elite at CES 2023

The HTC Vive XR Elite without the battery cradle attached.

How the Vive XR Elite can do high-end VR in a half-pound headset

The HTC A101 tablet floating against a black background with text reading "HTC A101: Expand Your View."

HTC just released the best Android tablet of 2017… in 2022

HTC desire 22 pro in black

HTC’s newest phone is a boring mid-ranger designed for the metaverse

HTC U12 Plus Review

HTC created a metaverse smartphone, and it’s being announced on June 28

The best HTC Vive games for 2022

hand with HTC Vive VR Wrist Tracker

HTC’s new Vive VR Wrist Tracker tracks hands accurately — even when out of sight

HTC Vive Flow with phone and battery.

HTC Vive Flow hands-on: A weird, compact VR headset for meditation and wellness

Person wearing HTC Vive Flow standalone VR headset.

HTC’s leaked Vive Flow headset might offer portable VR

everything htc announced at vivecon 2021 vive focus 3 vice pro 2

Everything HTC announced at ViveCon 2021: Vive Focus 3 and Vive Pro 2

htc vivecon vr headsets 2021 vive air leak

How to watch HTC’s ViveCon today, the ‘most important VR event of the year’

HTC Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset

Two new ‘game-changing’ VR headsets could arrive at HTC’s ViveCon next week

HTC has its eyes squarely set on the enterprise VR market when ViveCon begins next week. The company is expected to debut two game-changing VR headsets.
htc desire 20 pro u20 5g news

HTC begins its comeback bid with a pair of new phones

HTC has launched two new smartphones, the Desire 20 Pro and the U20 5G, and although they're only for Taiwan at the moment, a wider launch will come later.

HTC’s coming back with a new smartphone, launching on June 16

HTC will announce a new phone on June 16, and has teased the device on its official Facebook page. Previous leaks suggest it could be the Desire 20 Pro.
HTC Vive Pro

Apple reportedly working on an AR headset with Vive-like controllers

A new iOS 14 leak suggests Apple is working on a mixed reality headset that uses controllers, with the company apparently teaming up with HTC to test it out.
HTC Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset

HTC offers cheaper Vive Pro Eye bundles, expands eye-tracking in VR

HTC is deepening its push into the world of enterprise virtual reality by introducing new bundles alongside a lower price for its Vive Pro Eye headset. Now you can add more base stations or tack on an extended warranty.
HTC Vive Cosmos

With new swappable faceplates, the Vive Cosmos is now a modular VR platform

HTC's new Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset is designed to be flexible with a modular design. Like the original Cosmos, the Elite can accommodate new faceplates to bring additional features in the future.
HTC Exodus 1s

The affordable HTC Exodus 1s puts a full Bitcoin node in your pocket

The newly announced HTC Exodus 1s is a cheaper version of the Exodus 1 that's capable of putting a full Bitcoin node in your pocket. The device is a pretty basic Android smartphone, so the fact it has a built-in hardware wallet is the unique selling point. Owners can buy, sell, trade, lend, and more.
htc exodus news

The HTC Exodus smartphone: Here’s everything we know

HTC has released another smartphone, and this time it's geared toward blockchain technology. Known as the HTC Exodus, the smartphone is designed to support cryptocurrencies and decentralization of data. The phone has finally been released, and you can buy it in either real money or in Bitcoin.
HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos vs. Vive Pro

HTC now has two premium virtual reality headset experiences. With the Vive Pro targeted at enterprise users and the Vive Cosmos designed for home VR, which model should you choose? While they boast similar designs, each come with its own unique twist, like a flip-up goggle design on the Cosmos.
htc vive focus portable vr headset facebook asia

HTC Viveport Streaming delivers all-access VR gaming for one monthly fee

HTC wants to make it easierto find and enjoy virtual reality experiences -- including apps and games -- by launching an all-access monthly subscription streaming service called Viveport Streaming. Priced at $13 a month, the service gives you access to a library of more than 2,000 titles made for VR.
Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos: Hardware, games, price, release date, and more

The HTC Vive Cosmos headset is a premium VR device equipped with a modular design and ease-of-use when setting up. Here is everything we know about the headset, including its cameras and controllers. A final price point and release date have not yet been revealed, but it will be out in 2019.
Tetris Effect Epic Games Store virtual reality VR oculus htc vive rift

Tetris Effect, no longer a PS4 exclusive, hits Epic Games Store with VR support

Originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Tetris Effect is coming to PC gamers and can be purchased on the Epic Games Store. It will feature support for VR, ultrawide monitors, uncapped framerates, and resolutions 4K and above. It is available for pre-order and releases later in July.
HTC U12 Plus Review

HTC still makes smartphones, but still isn’t great at marketing them

It’s easy to forget HTC still makes smartphones, as it sold most of its phone division to Google, hasn’t competed in the flagship race for a while, and concentrates on selling the HTC Vive VR headset. The phones are still there, though, and HTC has announced a pair of new ones: The HTC U19e, and the Desire 19+.
HTC U12 Life review

Rumors say HTC will be launching the midrange HTC U19e phone tomorrow

IT seems a new phone from HTC is on the horizon. A post on HTC Taiwan's Facebook page seems to confirm that a new midrange HTC phone will be announced June 11. Could this be the Snapdragon 710-equipped HTC U19e that leaks have been predicting for a while now? We'll find out tomorrow.
htc releases vive pro eye vr headset in the us 1

HTC’s Vive Pro Eye, a $1,600 VR headset with eye-tracking, is all business

HTC released its Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset this week for its U.S. customers. But it’s not really for your average consumer. The Vive Pro Eye is stacked with more business-friendly features than anything else, including eye-tracking technology and heat-mapping.
htc 5g hub mwc 2019 review 7

5G your old phone: HTC’s 5G Hub is now available for pre-order from Sprint

The HTC 5G Hub runs Android Pie, has a Qualcomm 855 processor, 4GB of RAM, and an HD touchscreen, but it's not a phone -- it's a hot spot designed to connect to 5G. You can leave it at home or work, or take it on the go. It's ideal if you want 5G this year, but don't want to shell out $1,000 or more for a 5G phone.
htc vive focus plus april 15 release vivefocusplus3

HTC’s stand-alone Vive Focus Plus will be out in April, and it won’t be cheap

The HTC Vive Focus Plus is set to release on April 15 to commercial businesses and developers. The stand-alone headset features the "six degrees of freedom" system, and includes hazard-tracking protection. It will not be aimed at average customers, but has applications in video game arcades.
htc vive focus plus announcement image converted using ifftoany

HTC Vive Focus Plus makes it easier for developers to port PC content

HTC Vive has announced the Vive Focus Plus headset. The upgraded stand-alone headset makes use of "six degrees of freedom" support in controllers for a PC-like virtual reality experience. HTC Vive claims it will be easier for PC experiences to be ported to the headset as a result.
Vive Pro Eye CES 2019

The Vive Pro Eye uses Tobii eye-tracking technology to make VR more lifelike

HTC revealed the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking support at its CES 2019 press conference. We now know that Tobii will be the company responsible for integrating the eye-tracking technology. Tobii is a mammoth within the traditional gaming eye-tracking space, supporting some of the biggest games for PC.
Vive Cosmos

HTC brings two new headsets, a VR browser, and ‘Netflix for VR’ to CES 2019

HTC Vive brought a ton of announcements to CES 2019, including two new headsets, a new subscription service, and a new user interface that completely transforms how applications are launched. More information on the headsets, including pricing and release dates, will arrive later this year.
iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max vs. HTC U12 Plus: Does more expensive mean better?

Apple has finally unveiled the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the company's flagship phones set to go up against all the best Android devices. But is the iPhone XS Max really worth buying? And does it compare to devices like the HTC U12 Plus? We put the phones head-to-head to find out.
HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

Virtual reality breaks free as the HTC Wireless Adapter hits store shelves

Gamers and can now break free from wires and into the world of virtual reality as the HTC Wireless Adapter hits store shelves, allowing HTC Vive and Vive Pro users to connect their headsets wirelessly to their supported Windows PC without the need for cable tethers — never trip over wires again.